Botswana Safari – Everything to know: Botswana Safari Vacation Packages, Tours and Holidays.

Botswana Holiday Safari: Botswana safari vacation packages, tours and holidays. Discover Botswana safari packages and tours featuring luxury safari lodges and mobile camps ideal for spectacular wildlife encounter.

Botswana really is one of the ultimate safari destinations in Africa, their high income low impact tourism policy means the safari camps and lodges of the Okavango Delta are spread out and exclusive, so your game viewing is always completely private.

A Botswana safari adventure takes you into a world of diverse and stunning landscapes, from the sandy vastness of the Kalahari Desert to the watery paradise of the Okavango Delta. It features some of the most wondrous wilderness locations..

Let us help you book your dream safari to Botswana, one of southern Africa’s most prosperous countries with unique wildlife and landscapes. It is arguably the world’s best safari destination with some largest and wildest game reserves.