Toyota Premio

Toyota Premio and similar Toyota Allion are sedans sold in Japan since 2001 by Toyota. The sedans are designated as compact luxury cars by Japanese regulations. This is because of their exterior dimensions and engine displacement. The Allion is exclusive to Japanese Toyota dealerships Toyota Store. On the other hand, the Premio is exclusive to Toyopet Store locations. Both cars are related to the Toyota Avensis, which is exclusive to Toyota Netz locations.

Toyota Premio: The Executive or Family Car

Both the Toyota Premio and the Allion were introduced at the same time. The Premio is an up-scale, and more luxurious sedan in comparison to the Allion. The latter has a more youthful, and sporting nature. Wood trim and silver accents gives the Premio an elegant look. It is considered to be a family or executive type car. Appearance modification options made for the Allion are not made or marketed for the Premio. The name “Allion” is created based on the phrase “all-in-one”.

Who is Replacing Who?

Toyota Premio and Allion and Premio are designed to serve as an alternative to the Toyota Camry. This is exclusive to the Toyota Corolla Store locations. The first generation Toyota Premio and Allion were launched on 25 December 2001. The Allion replaced the Toyota Carina, a model that first appeared in 1970. The Premio is the successor of the Toyota Corona and the Corona Premio.

The Allion has an emphasis towards younger buyers in comparison to the Premio sedan. The latter has a more elegant approach. The Premio and the Allion share the same engines and interior. The Allion can be customized with front spoilers and rear mounted trunk wings. The ground effect body parts can also be customized. This is to enhance the vehicles appearance specially designed and sold by Toyota. The Allion also features rear tilting seats similar to front seats. The Allion continues the Toyota tradition by being made for taxi usage.

Restyling of The Toyota Premio and Allion

On 20 December 2004, the Allion received a modest restyle. This was with the introduction of LED taillights. Toyota Premio also received an update at the same time. Both cars were offered with three engine sizes. These are 1.5-, 1.8- and 2.0-liter. The 2.0-liter model received a CVT automatic. However the smaller engines were each fitted with four-speed automatic transmission.

Car typeSedan
Max people5
Door count4
Minimum driver age18
Unlimited mileage?Yes

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