Ethiopia Holidays. Discover authentic Ethiopia with a choice of Ethiopia Safaris and Tours

Ethiopia holidays: Discover authentic Ethiopia with a choice of Ethiopia holidays, tours and safaris from expert, specialist and responsible Ethiopia operator. From the medieval city of Lalibela to the peaks of the Simien Mountains, Ethiopia is a joy to explore.

The historical tours allows you to soak in Ethiopia’s rich and fascinating history of the ancient kingdoms. Ethiopia historical tours will include the famous rock-hewn churches of Lalibela, the ancient kingdom of Axum, the ‘Camelot of Africa’ at Gondar, and much more.

Ethiopia wildlife safari is a must-visit for any wildlife enthusiast, Ethiopia has unique flora and fauna and extraordinary scenery to offer. Ethiopia is a birdwatcher’s paradise with around 850 species recorded and home to an amazing 35 endemic mammals.

Religious and Missionary Tourism: As one of the world’s oldest Christian countries, Ethiopia is a Christian country par excellence. To this day it is rife with ancient sacred sites that are well worth visiting whatever one’s religious beliefs are.