African Safari Tours: Last Minute Holidays, 2020/ 2021 Beach Vacations and Safari Packages to Africa

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unforgetable African safari tour experienceAfrica is a dream destination in every sense. This is home to unforgettable wild animals and extraordinary scenic beauty. We have traveled the length and breadth of every of the African safari tour destinations that we recommend.

Planning an African safari tour with usIf planning the Best African safari tour holiday with us, we’ll ensure the advice is based on firsthand experience and every accommodation used in your African safari tour is tried-tested-and-proven and fit for you.

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Popular African Safari Tours 2020

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2 day Sossusvlei Tour

Stuck in Windhoek and looking for a perfect adventure for an African safari tour in Namibia? The 2 day Sossusvlei Tour in Namibia gives you the perfect reason to get active over the weekend.

3 Day Kruger Safari Tour

The 3-day Kruger safari tour is an African safari tour in South Africa. This South Africa safari is for those who want a quick and affordable way to see the Kruger National Park.

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Mount Kilimanjaro Climbing Marangu Route

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing is a 6-day Mount Kilimanjaro climbing package. This is one of the best African mountain hikes not to be missed by any African safari tour adventurer.

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3 Day Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari

The 3 Day Uganda Gorilla Trekking Safari is a magical journey, an African safari tour into the isolated jungles of East Africa and promises you an experience like no other.

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Featured African Safari Destinations

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“We decided to go African safari tour to Madagascar with ASTHO vacations, and it was the best decision I ever made. We felt really safe all the time, and it was evident that everyone involved were true professionals. This made my trip to Madagascar unforgettable!”

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Choose When to go on Africa Safari
Deciding on when to go on Africa safari is an integral part when planning your African holiday. It is wise to do a bit of research on when to go on Africa safari for the experience that you want. You don't want to start your beach holiday in cyclone season. You may find that the migrating herds you've arrived to see have moved on.
What is an African Safari Tour
It does not matter what kind of safari one wants, but all of us dream of going on an African safari tour one day. So what is a safari? A safari is a journey, a vacation, a holiday that takes us back to nature and to our roots. A safari is a special trip that takes us to Africa to reconnect with nature that includes flora, fauna, culture, and the people.
Planning a Safari to Africa
An African safari tour is a true adventure and therefore proper planning a safari to Africa is required. It is a journey crafted in the tradition of wealthy 13th-century traders. They first hunted the plains of Africa for wild game trophies to hang on their walls. Today, travelers hunt for photo opportunities instead of occasions […]
Best African Safari Tours
re you thinking of an African safari? Planning a safari to Africa can be hectic. This is especially true when you do not have any information. One may feel overwhelmed and clueless. It is thus, so important to have someone to help with doing the hard work for you. We are able to present to you some of the best African safari tours and packages.