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Dolomite Resort

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5 star
Etosha, Namibia
1200 hrs
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Dolomite Resort is located in a previously restricted part of the Park. Western Etosha, boasts some of the highest numbers of wildlife throughout the Park. The vegetation is mainly Karstveldt and Mopane shrub land . It comes with the geology dominated by dolomite formations.

Dolomite Resort

This fittingly gives the new safari Resort in Namibia its name. Dolomite Resort is nestled in the dolomite outcrops of this vast area of western Etosha National Park. This Namibia safari lodge in Etosha National Park offers its clients an intimate experience. You will enjoy one of the most scenic areas of the Park. This is in an area where previously endangered species have been successfully bred. The species included like the Black Rhinoceros and Black-Faced Impala.

Dolomite Resort Etosha

Dolomite Resort consists of a spacious reception, lounge, bar and restaurant area. They offer crimson sunrise and sunset views over the surrounding savannah. From this point, a walkway leads to thatched, en suite chalets. Two are of these are deluxe chalets with own plunge pools. They are nestled amongst the rocky outcrops. They therefore provide privacy and dramatic and panoramic landscape views.

Dolomite Resort’s interiors are designed to harmonize the natural surroundings. They are characterized by weathered dolomite rock formations. Mopane, moringa and savannah woodland also form part of the character. Its beneath the shoulders of the dolomite outcrops and boulders that tranquility is truly found. Dolomite Resort will offer a profound and world-class, first of its kind experience. This is inside the biodiversity-rich western section of Etosha National Park. This safari lodge in Namibia gifts its clients a wilderness experience that is unmatched. This is true both in terms of privacy and landscape viewing.

Unique Activities at Dolomite Resort

There are no fewer than 15 waterholes in the surrounding areas. Dolomite Resort presents an exhilarating wildlife viewing experience. There is such abundance in animal diversity your only concern should be your photography skills. The area has been virtually “tourist-free” for half a century. It is common to see high numbers of Zebra, Giraffe and antelope species. These include the previously endangered Black-faced Impala roaming the plains. Black and White Rhino can also be spotted in numbers at Klip –pan waterhole.

Dolomite Resort Etosha

The Dolomite hill mirrors the animals in terms of sheer attraction. This is where the Resort is set and it presents a Botanists dream. It boasts hundreds of plant species which bloom at different times of the year. This gives Dolomite Resort its seasonal cadence of colors, aroma and mood.

Accommodation at Dolomite Resort

The camp features 20 chalets built on elevated wooden decks. The Accommodation is on the outer edges of a Dolomite ridge. All rooms have thatched roofs and canvas walls. Their cottages feature large wooden retractable doors. The lodge allows for spectacular panoramic views.

Dolomite Resort Etosha

The rooms are elegant and have local and regional fittings. What sets dolomite apart is the spectacular sunrise and sunset views. The elevated location allows for extraordinary landscape views of the park. Dolomite is the closest resort to the new Galton entrance gate on the northwestern border of the Etosha Park.a

En suite chalets

  • West-facing
  • Double bed
  • Coffee / Tea station
  • Beautiful sunset view

Deluxe chalets

  • Own Plunge Pool
  • East-facing
  • Double bed
  • Coffee / Tea Station
  • Beautiful sunrise view


  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Fireside Boma
  • Swimming pool
  • Curio shop

Policies of Dolomite Resort

1200 hrs

Amenities of Dolomite Resort

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Dolomite Resort

Dolomite Resort Etosha, Namibia

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