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Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

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4 star
Ngorongoro, Tanzania
1200 hrs
1 nights

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge faces the always magnificent sunsets to the west. This Ngorongoro safari lodge is located at the highest point on crater’s entire rim. Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge stands well over half a kilometer above the crater floor.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

This Ngorongoro safari lodge offers unparalleled views across this enormous caldera. Accommodation in Ngorongoro at this lodge is themed around traditionally African houses. These houses come with conical roofs. They are decorated with examples of Africa’s rich tapestry of artistic traditions. This is by way of rich woodcarvings and sculptures. Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge harmonizes perfectly with its dramatic surroundings.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

This drama does not just stop with the great outdoors. It also flows through the split level interiors of the main building of the lodge. It offers some generosity of space as it combines a magically welcoming ambience. This is both for warmth and coziness.

Themed around traditionally circular African houses with conical roofs, and decorated with examples of Africa’s rich tapestry of artistic traditions by way of rich woodcarvings and sculptures, the lodge harmonizes perfectly with its dramatic surroundings. But the drama does not just stop with the great outdoors: it also flows through the split level interiors of the main building.


This Ngorongoro safari lodge has an imposing reception. It is combined with the unparalleled welcome service. These are just a hint of the Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge’s super settings and stellar service.  The furniture and arresting columns borrow heavily from Tanzania’s rich wildlife and cultures. The potted plants are a reminder of the lodge’s verdant natural surroundings. All this is set against a background of abundant light and opulent tones. You have sheds of browns, reds and orange that creates a sense of easy warmth and relaxation.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Lobby and Lounge

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge has a grand and colorful lobby. This will welcome you in true Tanzanian hospitality. It keeps you intrigued with a collection of unique sculptures, furnishings and décor pieces. Indeed, the lounge is a true masterpiece of African heritage. It is a tranquil place to unwind after a game drive or over a cup tea or coffee.

Rooms at the Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Brightly colored flowers border the paved pathways to the guest rooms. They are on both sides of the swimming pool to the guest rooms. The rooms are built to the same design. When you step through your door, you will probably hold your breath. This is as you stare over the two queen size beds. Your eyes will definitely go through the window walling of the lower level. You will be transfixed at the view of the crater beyond. The luxury at this Ngorongoro safari lodge doesn’t stop there.

Because of its altitude Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge can be chilly at night. Each room therefore has central heating. The rooms have hot water bottles placed in every bed during the evening turndown service. The luxuriously appointed bathrooms have extremely spacious showers. It is under the showers that you can reminisce about the wonders of Ngorongoro. All rooms are equipped with modern amenities. This is to ensure maximum comfort during your stay at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge. Also included are the wake up calls and complimentary coffee and tea. All of these will help to kick start an early morning game drive.

Dining Experience at Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Lemala Hill Restaurant

The Lemala Hill restaurant offers an exquisite culinary experience. It comes with a fusion of continental and local cuisine to cater for all palates. The restaurant is thoughtfully fitted with ceiling to floor glass walls. This offer guests panoramic views of the crater as they enjoy an expansive buffet meals. Lunch and dinner are served A la Carte on select days of the week.

Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Crater View Bar

You will get immersed in the décor of the Crater View Bar. This is heavily influenced by rich earthy browns. African artifacts and depictions of Maasai warriors have been deftly carved onto the pillars. The bold yet welcoming character conveys an infusion of pervasive afro theme.  The Crater View Bar’s has a timeless elegant fireplace. This offers the ideal place to cozy up during chilly evenings.

Where is Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

Situated on the eastern rim of the Ngorongoro Crater, in the volcanic highlands of Tanzania, Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge is located 220 km from Arusha, approximately 4 hours drive and 40 minutes by air, with another 2 hour transfer from the airstrip to the lodge.

The Ngorongoro conservancy is located in the Crater Highlands of Northeastern Tanzania. The conservancy, an intrinsic part of the Serengeti ecosystem, borders Serengeti National Park to the Northwest and is on the path of the annual wildebeest and zebra migration.

From the vast Serengeti National Park plains to the Eastern arm of the Great Rift Valley, the Ngorongoro Conservancy Area stretches out into a stunning area of 8,292 Sq. KM. Its magnificent savannah plains, highlands and forest canopies harbour the Big 5, including a dense population of lions, wildebeests, zebras and gazelles.

Policies of Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

1200 hrs

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Ngorongoro Sopa Lodge

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