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Ngulia Safari Camp

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Ngulia Safari camp is a budget traveler’s accommodation in Tsavo West national park. Ngulia Safari camp was formerly Ngulia Bandas Tsavo. Now it is called Rhino Valley Lodge Tsavo West National Park.

Ngulia Safari camp

Ngulia Safari Camp has great bandas in the middle of the vast Tsavo West National Park. This Tsavo west budget safari camp is located 40 kilometers from Mtito Andei. Ngulia Safari camp is only 50 kilometers from the Tsavo River gates. The safari camp in Tsavo west is set against the backdrop of the rugged but scenic Ngulia Hills.

Ngulia Safari camp offers the most idyllic view of the pristine Tsavo West National Park. This is an area which teams with wildlife. They include the lion, buffalo, elephant, cheetah, leopard, hippo and rhino. There are thousands of Savannah wildlife around this region for those on Tsavo West safari.

Where is Ngulia Safari Camp?

Ngulia Safari Camp can be accessed from Nairobi. This African budget safari camp in Tsavo West is 260 kilometers from Nairobi. Ngulia Safari camp is also 250 kilometers from Mombasa.  Ngulia Safari Camp is set against the backdrop of the rugged but scenic Ngulia Hills. Facilities and Accommodation at Ngulia Safari Camp

Ngulia Safari camp is designed to blend with the surrounding vegetation and landscape. From a distance, one may be forgiven for mistaking it for one of Ngulia Hills rock outcrops. This budget safari camp in Tsavo West has 6 self catering bandas, six standard rooms and a camp-site. The nights have their own unique ambience, a potpourri of hundreds of different animal, birds and insect noises.  The bandas are tastefully furnished and have a well equipped kitchenette and bathroom suite. There is a Rock Room which is suitable for Honeymooners.

Ngulia Safari Camp has a modern gourmet restaurant with an elaborate menu. These are specifically designed for those who love the outdoors. This budget safari camp in Tsavo West also prides a well stocked `tree bar`. This is another extra-ordinary experience under wide starry tropical skies in the warmth of a campfire.

The camp is lit by a super-silent generator that comforts to stringent wildlife and environmental requirements. Ngulia Safari Camp Tsavo offers an idyllic view. This is across the pristine Tsavo West National Park which teams with wildlife.

What to Do at the Budget Safari Camp in Tsavo West

These can be viewed all year round from the verandas of the camp’s bandas. This is as the animals frequent the water pond just a few meters below the camp. At Ngulia safari camp you will have game drives with experienced guides. This budget safari camp in Tsavo also offers nature walks and rock climbing up the Ngulia Hills.

In the evening you can seat outside your banda as you watch the sun go down. This is on the beautiful horizon of Tsavo west with views of Kilimanjaro on a fair skied day. Tsavo Ngulia safari camp is a budget traveler’s accommodation in Tsavo West National Park. Here you get to bring your own personal supplies of food and drinking water.  Activities from Ngulia safari camp include:

  • Morning and afternoon game drives
  • visits to Mzima Springs
  • the Rhino Sanctuary
  • the shetani Lava flows

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Ngulia Safari Camp

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