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The Pyramid Hotel

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2 star
Zanzibar, Tanzania
1200 hrs
1 nights

The Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar is situated at the heart of the stone town. This is an attractive small Zanzibar hotel in Stone Town. Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar is full of carved furniture and classical images.

Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar

This Zanzibar hotel in Stone Town style reflects the cosmopolitan culture.  This culture of the people for Zanzibar dates back 100 years. The Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar offers affordable, high quality accommodation in Stone Town Zanzibar. The Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar is in a tranquil setting. This Stone town hotel is situated in the heart of the Zanzibar Stone Town.

Accommodation in Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar

Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar provides excellent accommodation. The room configuration comes in single, doubles and triple bed rooms. All the rooms at this Zanzibar hotel in Stone town come with ceiling fans and Air Condition. All the beds at Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar have mosquito nets. The suite has been traditionally designed with an attached bathroom. Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar offers very clean rooms and comfortable Zanzibari four poster beds. This Zanzibar hotel in Stone town has very friendly staff.

Facilities at Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar

The Roof-top restaurant offers an appetizing, continental breakfast. This comes with fresh seasonal fruits and soft drinks. It gives you an attractive bird eye view of the wonderful Stone Town. There is pleasant sea breeze and a healthy sun exposure here. Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar restaurant is recommended for photographing.

Services Offered at Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar

  • Safe deposit, laundry and internet services provided.
  • Free high speed Internet facility.
  • Swaping Book.
  • Ferry Tickets.
  • Flight Tickets.
  • Free Pick up from the Harbor and 10 US$ pick up from the Airport.
  • Free Luggage Storage


Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar offers a place for relaxation. However there are lots of activities to do when at this Zanzibar hotel in Stone town. Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar has a host of activities available for you to better explore the island. This will depend on what interests you. Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar offers everything from diving and big game to deep sea fishing. You can enjoy tours to spice tours and sunset cruises. Zanzibar is surrounded with rich cultural and historical heritage. There is abundant sea life and unparalleled settings. There is no end to the exciting activities that Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar can arrange for you.

Policies of The Pyramid Hotel

1200 hrs

Amenities of The Pyramid Hotel

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The Pyramid Hotel 244, Adama

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