• Isalo National Park
  • Isalo National Park
  • Isalo National Park
  • Isalo National Park
  • Isalo National Park
  • Isalo National Park

Isalo national park in Madagascar is located in the south western part of the country. This Madagascar national park is found in the state of Fianarantsoa.

Isalo national park is has one of the best biodiversity nature in the country. It is partially a desert like place and yet it also experiences rain which leads to the lush greenery found in Isalo national park.

The best time to visit Madagascar and enjoy a Madagascar tour to Isalo national park is during the dry season. This is becausethe trails leading to the park will be easy to use unlike during the wet season when they are slippery.

Isalo National Park

What to Do In Isalo National Park

There are several activities that those on Madagascar safari tour can carry out in Isalo national park. These activities include:

Camping in the Isalo National Park

If you want to enjoy the wild the best place to go is Isalo national Park where campsites are always there waiting for you. There are two camp sites in the Isalo and these are the Namaza and Analatapia.

These campsites have the best facilities when it comes to camping. You will be rest assured of a good rest when you get there especially for those who have been hiking or trekking.

They campsites provides you with tents where you can easily put your sleeping bags and get refreshments before enjoying the stars when nightfall sets in.

Getting to meet the Bara people

These are believed to have been living in this area for a very long time. They are the habitants of the Isalo National Park. The Bara people have a lot of customs that they follow and as you visit Isalo national park.

The tour guides will tell you about the unique way of life of the Bara and their culture and you can still have a nature walk to the village where they live. You will get to know about the following when you visit the Isalo National Park.

  • When the Bara lose their loved ones, they walk around the entire village in order to ward off bad spirits and they also cut off their hair as a sign of respect for the dead and mourning.
  • The Bara are known pastoralists and they have reared the Zebu cattle for a long time. When a boy is being initiated into adulthood, the Zebu cattle are used in rituals that transform a boy into a man.
  • They are always burying their dead inside the caves.
  • When a man wants to get married, they are supposed to steal cattle in order to prove that they will be able to take care of their wives.

You will be able to experience all the above only if you book that safari to the Isalo National Park. You will not regret your trip to the Park as you will also be able to get some souvenirs from the local people.

Hiking in the Isalo National Park

If you love hiking then you should not miss the trip to the Isalo National Park. The Park’s strategic location and landscape offers you one of the best hiking trails you will not find anywhere else in the country. The different hiking trails can be completed in just hours from the time you begin the hike but note that you will not be able to go through the hike trails alone and that is why we provide experienced tour guides who take you on this wonderful journey through the park.

Isalo National Park

The different trails that can be used when it comes to hiking through the Isalo National Park include:

The Masalo Trail

This is the mostly used trail when it comes to hiking through the park. It passes through the southern part of Isalo national park. You get to view the largest part of Isalo national park when you use this route. And it is also easy to use when it comes to hiking.

The Namaza Circuit Route

The Namaza route is a bit tiring when it comes to trekking since it is extremely long as compared to other trekking routes. You might end up paying extra money to the tour guides due to the time taken to finish the trek.

If you know that you are not that fit then it is better not to go for this route because it is not for not for the faint hearted although the experience is worth it. While you are using this route you will be able to view the different canyons and caves that are found along the way.

The Piscine Naturelle

The trek through the piscine is always done on foot and it is one of the best hike treks around. This route leads through the part of the park where you will be able to view the glorious waterfall in Isalo national park. The different caves and canyons where you can easily rest from when you are tired and get refreshed using the available water body.

The Canyon des Singes

The canyon des singes is also used when it comes to trekking and is famous more than the piscine naturelle. It can be translated to as the canyon of monkeys and has thick trees that make it a bit hard for one to penetrate through. That is why you will need a guide to direct you as to where to go exactly so that the trek does not become difficult.

Just like the name suggests, you will be able to see the different species of lemur the endangered monkey species jumping from one tree to another and they are only found in the country.

Enjoy trekking through the Isalo National Park as you enjoy the beautiful scenery that it has to offer. The different trek routes will show you all the hidden treasures of the Park and what better way to spend your day enjoying good scenery than by visiting the Isalo national park.

Wildlife To See in Isalo National Park

Madagascar is known to have very unique wildlife that most of it is endemic to the country and some of it is found in the Isalo National Park. The park has a variety of animals but the most common one is the Lemur which can either be seen in the trees during day.

Isalo National Park

You will also be able to do birding while you are in the park as it has a lot if endemic birds that you will not find anywhere else in the world, re[tiles like snakes, chameleons and many more others.

Most of the wildlife is not dangerous in any way and that is why it is extremely safe to walk through Isalo National Park. This does not mean that you are just going to wonder around the Park alone.

You will need a tour guide who will take you through Isalo National Park in order to avoid accidents the accidents that might happen when you are alone.

You must be wondering why there are no other wildlife like the predators in the country. This was due to the separation of Madagascar from the African continent millions of years ago.

When the separation happened, most of the predators like lions, cheetahs, big animals like buffalos, elephants were all left on the African continent. Only those endemic few were left on the Island.

The unique wildlife found on the Island is just enough to make you pack your bag and you go for a tour to the Isalo national Park.

There is no better way than spending your Madagascar trip at the Isalo national Park. The beautiful scenery that the park has to offer is just some of the few things that can attract you to this Park.

Grab a bag and contact us to help you with all the necessary paperwork that is needed for one to come to Madagascar because we will be able to help you.

Madagascar Tour Safaris to Isalo National Park

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