Mozambique Hotels

Avenida Hotel Maputo

The Hotel Avenida is one of the most renowned hotels in Maputo. This is both for its quality and for the range of services it offers was recently refurbished with great rooms and a restaurant

Bamboo Hotel is located in Nampula, north of Mozambique. This luxury Mozambique hotel is a complete Aparthotel where comfort, leisure and nature all come together in unity.

Golden Peacock Resort Beira

Golden Peacock Resort is the largest Africa Resort Hotel. This luxury hotel in Mozambique is located in Beira Cidade, Zona do Estoril, richly endowed by nature of the geographical advantages.

Hotel Casa Do Capitao Inhambane

Hotel Casa Do Capitao

Balane 1, Avenue Maguiguana

Hotel Casa Do Capitao lets you enjoy one of the finest settings in Inhambane. The original Port Captains residence gives historic inspiration for the creation of Casa do Capitao.