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Namibia Holidays: Packages, Holiday Vacations, Dune Safaris and Tours to Namibia

Namibia holidaysA Namibia safari holiday offers travelers a chance to experience a wild. This is a Namibia holidays to untouched region Africa seen by very few explorers.  this is Namibia holidays to an African safari that is a vast country covered with dramatic landscapes, ancient intact cultures, and amazing game viewing opportunities. It is a Namibia holiday to an ‘ageless land,’ visible through the heritage of rock art created by stone-age artists and geological attractions.

Namibia holidaysNamibia is the soul of Africa with vast open spaces, great scenery and great contrasts – ocean, dunes, mountains and deserts. It’s a desert country of rolling dunes where swirling mists stirs the spirit and moves the heart. Africa’s largest game park, the Namib-Naukluft Park, is a must see when on Namibia holidays, with magnificent sea of rolling red dunes at Sossusvlei. Etosha National Park is one of Africa’s great parks in size and wildlife diversity.

Namibia Holidays and toursThinking of an African safari tour? Namibia is an ideal destination for travelers seeking an unforgettable African safari experience in a uniquely beautiful untamed wilderness. Safari to Namibia is truly a pleasure. You can visit the capital of Windhoek and the lovely coastal town of Swakopmund to discover remnants of the country’s German influence, reflected in the architecture, culture, cuisine and the annual Oktoberfest celebrations.

Namibia holidays - CultureUnique history, interesting towns, beautiful deserts, and the Himba tribe are some of the reasons to visit Namibia.  The sandy city of Swakopmund has some of the prettiest and best-preserved colonial buildings on the African continent.  Namibia holidays and safaris takes you to the home to Africa’s tallest elephants and the endangered black rhino, Namibia also has the largest free-roaming cheetah population in the world, estimated at about 2,500.

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