Zanzibar Hotels n Resorts

Dhow Palace Hotel

Dhow Palace Hotel

Stone Town, Kenyatta Road

The Dhow is the heart beat of the East African culture. Dhow has been carrying people, goods and treasures to and from Zanzibar and the Dhow Palace Hotel Zanzibar serves as a meeting point.

The Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar

Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar is situated at the heart of the stone town. This is an attractive small Zanzibar hotel in Stone Town. Pyramid Hotel Zanzibar is full of carved furniture and classical images.

The Residence Zanzibar

The Residence Zanzibar incorporates various influences of Zanzibar’s history. This has been infused to create a unique ambiance for guest to an elegant yet casual atmosphere.

Villa Kiva Resort Zanzibar

The inspiration behind Villa Kiva Zanzibar Resort was a desire to escape. You will be away from the cold and chaos of the big city in one of the loveliest and most pristine corners of Zanzibar.

Warere Town House Zanzibar

The Warere Town House is one of the oldest hotels in Stone Town Zanzibar. This Stone town hotel has offered cheap accommodation in Zanzibar for over 30 years.

Zanzibar Palace Hotel

Zanzibar Palace Hotel is an exclusive award-winning boutique hotel. This hotel in Zanzibar is right in the heart of Stone Town. Vehicles can stop in front of the door of the Hotel.