• Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari
  • Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari
  • Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari
  • Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari
  • Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari
  • Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari
  • Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara Safari

The Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari in Kenya is an epic journey. It is a royal trail is the best description for this 6 Day Kenya Safari.

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

We guarantee you 5 days of pleasure like no other African safari tour will. Sit back relax and be ready to indulge in nature’s pleasure.

These pleasures are offered to you by a team of experienced chief entertainment officers. They have been in the industry over the last 10 years. So, don’t worry, you are in the safe hands of experienced safari masters.

Expect to be treated like a prince or prices, like a queen or a King that you are. On the 5-day Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari, expect to write a different love story.

This is a story of you falling in love with Mother Nature and falling in love with Africa. This 5 days African safari tour in Kenya will be your story.

About The 5 Day Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara Safari

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari is a 5 days Kenya safari holiday. The safari takes you through three different game parks with different ecosystems.

You will have different game viewing experiences while on this African wildlife safari tour.

The Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari starts at the Aberdares National Park. Here you find icy rivers, spectacular waterfalls and rain forests.

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

They are places where elephants, buffaloes and other animals. It is at this park that Queen Elizabeth got to know of her ascension to power upon her father’s death. The wildlife will visit you at the floodlit waterholes of The Ark or Tree Tops lodges.

On this Kenya safari you will traverse over the mountains and the valleys.

The journey takes you to the escarpments and into the floor of the Great Rift Valley. To the Lake Nakuru National Park famed for its’ flamingo’s and the over 400 species of birds found here.

You will be able to locate 4 of the big five at the Lake Nakuru National Park.

Finally Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari goes to Masai Mara Game Reserve. The Park boasts of the great wildebeest migration and the big five.

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara Safari Destination

The 5 day Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari goes to 3 premum safari destinations in Kenya. Your destinations on this 5 day Kenya safari are Aberdares, Lake Nakuru and the famous Masai Mara National Reserve.

Aberdares is historic and unique with mountain wildlife species. Lake Nakuru is a birders paradise and home to both the southern white and the black rhinos. Masai Mara on the other side is home to the big five and the great wildebeest migration.

Aberdares National Park

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

The Aberdares National Park is an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern wall of the rift valley. Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari is a tour to a park that runs roughly 100 km north-south between Nairobi and Thomson’s falls. Soils are red and of volcanic origin, but rich in organic matter.

There are two main peaks, Ol Donyo lesatima that is 3,999 metres and Kinangop at 3,906 metres. They are separated by a long saddle of Alpine moorland at over 3,000 meters.

Those on Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari will find the topography is diverse. There are deep ravines that cut through the forested eastern and western slopes and there are many clear streams and waterfalls.

The Aberdares are an important water catchment area providing water to the Tana and Athi rivers and part of central rift and Northern drainage basins.

The Aberdares National Park lies mainly above 10,000 ft contou. It has some forest and scrub at lower altitude in the salient area near Nyeri with the boundary running down to the 7,000 ft contour.

The unusual Vegetation rugged terrain, streams and waterfalls combine to create an area of great scenic beauty in the national park. The park is surrounded by a pre-dominantly indigenous forest, whose management is under the forest department.

The Aberdares National Park is at the size of 767 sq km and is 160 km from Nairobi. The Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari is a safari to the home to most of the larger mammals, having a large population of black rhino.

The park also has the endangered species include the rare bongo, giant forest hog, packs of the very rare wild dogs and endemic mole-rate and mole shrew. Other game includes leopard, serval, endemic bird species, reptiles and insects.

Those on Aberdares lake nakuru Masai mara safari can reach the park by both road and air transport. However it’s easily access by tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru on the eastern side and its approximately 160km from Nairobi.

Another road crosses the park to connect with another from Naivasha and northern Kinangop in the west. The main towns from which the park can be approached are Nyeri 154 km from Nairobi, Nyahuru 188 km from Nairobi and Naivasha is 87km from Nairobi.
There is an air strip at Mweiga airstrip next to Aberdares country club, treetops that is managed by Aberdares safari hotels.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park is a spectacular game reserve. It has been a blazing sea of deep pink flamingos – millions of them!

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

You can enjoy their intense fuchsias bursting against Lake Nakuru’s deep blue alkaline waters. Quite simply… it has until some few years ago been the most brilliant show of birdlife on earth.

Due to some progressive natural factors, the flamingo numbers have been reducing but the park itself remains stunning – one of Kenya’s finest. Great rocky escarpments tower over acacia forest, waterfalls, wooded hills and euphorbia trees dot the lake.

The flamingos are accompanied by other birdlife – pelicans, cormorants, kingfishers, ostriches, storks as well as herons and eagles. The scene here is bountiful, busy and full of color.

But that’s only the beginning of what this special park has to offer because the wildlife viewing here is easy and accessible. Lake Nakuru is known for hosting some endangered but beautiful species.

Your Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari will be here for the rare Rothschild’s Giraffe along with white rhino, especially along the lakeshore.

The park is also sanctuary to one of Kenya’s largest populations of black rhino. Another aspect to the active wildlife viewing here is observing the park’s zebra, hippo, olive baboon, vervet and colobus monkeys, waterbuck and hyena.

Other big safari wildlife to be on the lookout on your Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari includes lion, cheetah, leopard and buffalo.

The park is fenced to protect the rhino and giraffe, so it can’t support elephants – the only large mammal you won’t find here.

Moving through the park’s dense acacia forest you’ll likely come upon herds of impala and waterbuck. Also, in the woodlands you may see large pythons hanging from the trees. This is the infamous African rock python that’s capable of swallowing animals whole.

There are several easily attained vantage points from which to enjoy wonderful views of the landscape and especially the lake with its undulating pink population of birdlife.

Masai Mara National Reserve

Masai Mara national reserve extends northeast from a shared border with Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. This 1,510 km2 Masai Mara is the most famous and popular safari destination in Kenya, if not anywhere in Africa.

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

The appeal of the Mara and adjacent private/community conservancies isn’t difficult to explain. Its mosaic of rolling hills, open grassland and acacia woodland supports a quite incredible profusion and variety of wildlife.

Large predators such as lion, leopard, cheetah and spotted hyena are easily seen on your Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari at close quarters all year round. The reserve truly blossoms between August and October, when the legendary wildebeest migration. This is perhaps the world’s most breathtaking wildlife spectacle.

The Big Five are all present and seen with various degrees of ease. Elephants are very common, as are buffaloes. The latter being the favored prey of the reserve’s unusually large lion prides, which often number 15 or more adults.

Leopards are more elusive, but quite easy to locate if you know where to look, and while numbers of black rhino dropped alarmingly in the late 20th century, up to three dozen individuals still survive.

The rhino population here is the only one in Kenya that can be regarded as fully indigenous. There is a gene pool (as yet) undiluted by translocated individuals of southern African or mixed origin.

Even outside of the migration season, ungulates are well represented, too. There’s no better place for close-up views of the eland, the world’s largest antelope. They seem to be less skittish here than in most of its range.

Also likely to be seen are giraffe, impala, gazelle, topi, Coke’s hartebeest, reedbuck, Defassa waterbuck, hippo and warthog.

The Mara provides a fine introduction to East Africa’s savanna birdlife. It has more than 500 species recorded in and around its borders. They include such perennial favorites as Lilac-breasted roller, Superb starling and Little bee-eater.

Large ground birds such as ostrich, Southern ground hornbill, Kori bustard and the localized Denham’s bustard are also common.

The riparian forest along the Mara and Talek Rivers is an important habitat for niche species such as Ross’s turaco, Schalow’s turaco and Grey kestrel.

Accommodation on Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara Safari

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari is a mid-range Kenya safari. We will therefore be making use of 4 star accommodations on this 5 day Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari.

The Ark

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

It overlooks a floodlit waterhole in the heart of the Aberdares National Park, in Kenya, The Ark is a unique property, curiously mimicking the shape of Noah’s Ark. The waterhole is a massive draw for wildlife, and guests can enjoy casual game viewing from the comfort of the lodge’s 4 viewing decks.

The property is only a 45 minute drive from the Aberdares Country Club where guests on Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari can enjoy tasty lunches.

The Ark has four viewing areas from which to observe the ever-present animal activity at the waterhole and saltlick. There is also a ground level hide – the perfect spot for the discerning photographer. From this vantage point, photos of animals can be taken at eye-level.

So as not to miss any animal sightings, the resident guide will buzz your room when special animals come to the waterhole. Simply throw on your provided robe and slippers, grab your camera and view nightlife at the waterhole!

The lodge provides a restaurant, which caters to any specific dietary requirements, a bar and a library. Accommodation takes the form of 60 self-contained cottages, spread across 3 levels.

Guests on Arberdare Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari can expect twin, double, single and triple rooms. All these rooms are nicely furnished with en-suite bathrooms, a buzzer for wildlife alerts and comfy beds.

The sister property to The Ark the Aberdares Country Club, is a short distance away and is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Activities include a game walk on our 1300 acres, golf, tennis, horseback riding, relaxing at our health club, taking a dip in the swimming pool, or simply enjoying the gorgeous gardens.

Lake Nakuru Lodge

Lake Nakuru Lodge is a beautiful eco-lodge situated inside Lake Nakuru National Park. This accommodation facility in Lake Nakuru boasts of unobstructed views of the lake and wildlife.

This property also has one of the best-rated locations in Nakuru! It offers accommodation with free WiFi, seating area and flat-screen TV. There is a private bathroom with bath and free toiletries in each unit, along with a hair dryer.

A buffet breakfast is served each morning at the property. There is an in-house restaurant, which serves a variety of Indian, African and American dishes and also offers dairy-free, gluten-free and vegetarian options. The lodge offers an outdoor pool as well as a garden where guests on Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari can relax.

Mara Leisure Lodge

The Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari to this lodge goes to what is considered Kenya’s prime wildlife area.

Mara Leisure Camp is located along the Talek River, at the confluence of the Masai Mara’s four wildlife viewing areas. It is on the northern boundary of the Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Mara Leisure Camp is located within one of the most spectacular locations in the entire Masai Mara Game Reserve.

Mara Leisure Camp promises those on Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari a unique safari adventure. Here you will have daily safari drives with our experienced local Masai guides.

There are also educational outings and visits to several community development projects within the Talek area. For the discerning palate, we have expert chefs who prepare delicious cuisine.

As dusk rolls in, enjoy romantic evenings while you watch the sunset over the plains. You can also get cozy by the fireplace while enjoying a sundowner.

At night, listen to the unique sounds of nightfall in the African wilderness while you tip your head back and become mesmerized by the star-studded, velvet skies above.

Mara Sopa Lodge

Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai mara safari

Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari to Mara Sopa Lodge takes you high on the slopes of the Oloolaimutia Hills. Masai Mara Sopa Lodge was one of the first safari lodges to be built in the Maasai Mara Game Reserve. It is for this reason why its gardens and trees are so lush and mature.

All the buildings follow the design of traditional African round houses with conical roofs. They stretch along the line of the hills with the impressively large public area buildings and the swimming pool at their centre.

Be ready to sleep on one of the fifty guest cottages on your Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari. The rooms are divided into two wings to either side of the main public areas.

Each of these house two spacious guest rooms equipped with queen and king size beds. There are mosquito nets; electronic safes; dressing tables; en-suite bathrooms and sheltered verandas that all have views over the gardens and the game reserve beyond.

Six of the cottages each contain two suites with larger bedrooms and bathrooms, and both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

Mara Simba Lodge

The Aberdares lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari allows you to boost of rejuvenation or simply escape for the weekend to unwind. Here you can check into Mara Simba lodge to achieve your wellness goals.

Indulge in exceptional culinary experiences and entertain yourself at the bar, revive yourself as you surrender to the pleasures of life at this truly alluring destination.

The luxurious accommodation affords supreme privacy and luxury with 3 types of accommodations to choose from that make the most of the bush environs.

Incredible and personalized game drives bring you extremely close to the fascinating Big Five. Enjoy the watch of the great migration across the Mara River between July and September every year.

5 Day Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara Safari Highlights

The 4 day Aberdares Lake Nakuru Masai Mara safari tour highlights includes:

  • Night Game Viewing in Aberdares
  • Huge diversity of flora & fauna in a vast reserve
  • The Rift Valley with lake Nakuru lying on its floor
  • Thousands of flamingos that have invaded the lake & nesting along the shore
  • Stunning views of Lake Nakuru from Baboon Cliff
  • Rhino Sanctuary
  • Scenic appeal of the tree studded Savannah plains of Masai Mara
  • Masai Mara as the home of the big five
  • Wildebeest migration [July-October]
  • Mara & Talek rivers inhabited by wild Crocodiles and Hippos
  • Maasai community home stead (at an extra cost)

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