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Madagascar Safari Holiday

  • Madagascar Safari Holiday
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14 day Madagascar safari holiday takes you to Madagascar or the red island. This African safari tour in Madagascar focus is on lemurs, reptiles, plants and nature. You will get the best of Madagascar with this 14 day safari tour in Madagascar.

About The 14 Day Madagascar Safari Holiday

This is a 14 day Madagascar safari holiday. On this African safari holiday to Madagascar, you’ll  explore an interesting combinations. There are the rivers, forests and mountains in Madagascar. These will take you through different landscapes, cultures, climates and biotopes.

Your Madagascar safari holiday itinerary provides a fantastic opportunity. This enables you enjoy the natural highlights of the “red island”. All this will be done on foot, by canoe, train and by car.

14 Day Madagascar Safari Holiday Highlights

Some highlights of the 14 Day Madagascar Safari Holiday includes:

  • Forest Hikes
  • Nature Walk
  • Reptile Count
  • Lemur Treks
  • Beach holiday
  • Cultural Experience

Detailed 14-day Madagascar Safari Holiday Itinerary

Day 1: Antananarivo

You will be met on arrival in Madagascar in Antananarivo. It is also referred to as Tana by the locals. Our Madagascar safari rep will brief you on this Madagascar safari holiday. You’ll enjoy a transfer to your Antananarivo hotel. The rest of the day will be spent at leisure with dinner and overnight at your hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Antisirabe

you will begin your day on Madagascar safari holiday with breakfast. You’ll then set off to Antisirabe. This is a tidy, well maintained town. You’ll be here to enjoy the tranquility of this small European provincial town. There is the exuberance of traditional Malagasy buildings. The journey takes approx. 3+ hours on a good, windy road.

You’ll stop en route as you make a visit Ambatolampy. This is the biggest town between Tana and Antisirabe. Here you may get the chance to see craftsmen building aluminium pots. There are other aluminium utensils made here too.

If you got time on your side then a visit to lake Tritriva is worth a try. This is a stunning lake of volcanic origin with blue/green waters. The lake is surrounded by beautiful scenery. You may have an hour’s walk around the lake. You are likely meet many local Malagasy people during the walk. Where we will stop and what you will do today will depend on your preferences. Upon arrival at Antisirabe visit the stone cutting workshop where they cut crystals. Overnight will be in your hotel in Antisiribe.

Day 3: Antisiribe – Lemur forest

This morning your Madagascar safari holiday will drive to Ambohimasoa. Tonight, you’ll spend the night in Lalatsara Bungalows. They are set in a managed forest within a private eco-reserve. As the name dictates several species of lemur can be found here. This includes the Milne Edwards Sifaka. You’ll spend the afternoon exploring the forests.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

You’ll also have a short night walk to experience the nocturnal world. Your overnight at the eco-reserve will be at Lalatsara Bungalows.

Day 4: Lemur forest – Sahambavy

The morning of Madagascar safari holiday will be spend exploring the forest. You will be back to the bungalows for an early lunch. Your Madagascar safari holiday will then proceed to Sahambavy. This small town lies about 23 km on the railway from Fianarantsoa to Manakara. Its main attraction is the Sahambavy Lake, nestled at the foot of a hill. It is also famed for the only Madagascan tea plantations.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

This afternoon we can visit these tea plantations. You will stay at the Lac Hôtel with breathtaking view of the island’s unique tea plantation. The 520 hactares spreads out as far as the eye can see. This is the perfect destination for a relaxing stop-off. Your dinner and overnight will be at Lac Hotel.

Day 5: Sahambavy – Manakara – Faraony

This day on Madagascar safari holiday starts with breakfast. By train you will leave from Sahambavy to Manakara. The trip will take you through dense forests and along a calm river. You’ll encounter few rapids for the next few days. These gentle rapids can be avoided if you don’t want the potential of a swim. But, the first rapid tends to be the one to catch most of you out.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

The travel will start by half day train journey through scenic and interesting landscapes. The train ride takes approximately 5-6 hours. You’ll be travelling on reserved 1st class seats as the train can get pretty full. You’ll disembark in Manampatrana. The Faraony River winds in a gentle between boulders, cliffs and cultivated banks.

With the help of the canoe team you’ll enjoy a short canoe downstream. This is on grade 1 and 2 rapids. You’ll stop at one of the beaches to setup camp. Afternoon showers are not unusual in this area. Your guides and canoe team are in charge of all the logistics. Yours today is to help with putting up your own tent. The well-prepared meals are from fresh and local products. You will have your overnight at your beach campsite.

Day 6 -7: Faraony River

These days on Madagascar safari holiday are dedicated to canoeing. You’ll reach a zone of beautiful beaches and boulders. This is just before the junction with Onilahy river. This will be a pretty full on day rowing. Your days will have departures set at around 0900 hrs. There will be various excuses for impromptu stops and life sharing experiences.

The Faraony bears exploitable amounts of precious minerals. There are ‘gold rushes’ on many of the river bends. You’ll have the chance to observe hundreds of smiling folks digging. Others will be sifting through the sands and gravel. You’ll spend the evening and nights camping under the African sky.

Day 8: Faraony River – Manakara – Ranomafana

Madagascar Safari Holiday

This morning you’ll lay up your canoes and say goodbye to the Faraony. Your Madagascar safari holiday will abandon the river as soon as it starts to flow with force. This is as it goes through rapids and cataracts. There will be a 4 – 5 hour trek before you are picked up by the guide. This Madagascar safari holiday will then proceed to Ranomafana for overnight.

Day 9: Ranomafana

Today your Madagascar safari holiday visits Ranomafana National Park. This is a rich and beautiful mountainous subtropical park. It was established in 1991 to protect the golden bamboo lemur. It contains lowland moist forest, cloud forest, waterfalls and high plateau forest. It is one of the most important and favorite wildlife parks in Madagascar.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

This is home to a large number of lemur species, 13 in total. These Lemurs are easy to spot whilst trekking. There are also over 100 bird species and more than 70 amphibians and reptiles. This is a great place to see some of the unique species living in Madagascar.

You’ll find the black and white ruffed lemur, brown mouse lemur and Milne Edwards Sifaka. There is also the rare greater bamboo lemur here. This is easy to see in Ranomafana. Wildlife viewing is good all year round but is most productive from April to May.

You can also have great viewing from mid-Sept to December. Your accommodation will be outside Ranomafana. This is about 10 minutes from the park entrance.

Day 10: Ranomafana – Ambalavao

You’ll spend the morning on Madagascar safari holiday rafting on the Namorana River. This is inside the National Park. Later your Madagascar safari holiday will set off to Ambalavao. If time allows, you’ll visit the attractive town of Ambalavao.

This is a small town typical of the Central Highlands. It is renowned for its wooden balconies with elaborate carvings. There is papermaking industry and a lively cattle market. You’ll then head to your hotel for relaxation and overnight.

Day 11: Ambalavao – Anja – Tsaranoro

This morning your Madagascar safari holiday visits Anja park. The park is just a few kilometers from Ambalavao. Anja is actually one of the more touristy places you’ll visit. But the site is community run and remains beautiful. It offers a unique occasion to interact with ‘wild’ ring-tailed lemurs. They are habituated and are somewhere between tamed and familiar.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

Your Madagascar safari holiday will proceed to the next destination. You will have a one hour thirty minutes drive to the Tsaranoro Valley. Here you’ll be accommodated in a traditional bungalow at Camp Catta. This is situated at the foot of Tsaranoro’s cliff. This afternoon you’ll be able to go on a short trek to explore the area or simply relax. Overnight will be in a bungalow at Camp Catta.

Day 12: Tsaranoro Valley

You’ll spend the day on Madagascar safari holiday exploring this stunning area. This will be done on foot and includes meeting all the locals. It is a fantastic opportunity to see Madagascar in all its natural glory. Prepare to be enchanted by the astounding landscapes.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

There are stunning red land and the beautiful and awe-inspiring Massif of Andringitra. There also are many kinds of orchids and three sorts of palms. This includes one kind which is endemic to the Andringitra. There are chameleons, lizards, snakes, batrachians and birds.

You have the famous peregrine falcon as well as the friendly Catta Lemurs here. They live in small families around the Camp. You’ll also have the chance to visit Tsarasoa. Here you’ll have the opportunity to visit and see the reforestation effort. Depending on the time of year we may also get to plant some young saplings. You will have your overnight in Camp Catta.

Day 13: Tsaranoro – Ambositra

This Madagascar safari holiday starts the journey back to Antananarivo. This will be a long drive as you will have 8 hours on the road. You will be heading to Ambositra. It is here that you’ll spend the night.

Day 14: Ambositra – Antananarivo

You’ll begin your last day on Madagascar safari holiday with breakfast. This is before a 5-hour drive to Antananarivo. You’ll be transferred to the airport in time for your late evening flight.

———- End of Madagascar Safari Holiday ———-

Madagascar Safari Holiday Costs:

What is included in the cost of Madagascar Safari Holiday?

  • Car and fuel with a driver
  • Guide assistance during the whole tour
  • Accommodation as per the itinerary on bed and breakfast basis
  • Park entrance fees and local guide fees
  • All treks
  • Boat crossings and excursions

Madagascar Safari THoliday Price excludes:

  • Your food and drinks during the whole tour
  • All your international flights
  • Domestic Flights
  • Items of personal use

What to Carry on the Madagascar Safari Holiday

  • Light and a few heavy clothing for evenings
  • Closed, comfortable shoes
  • Sun protection like sun cream, hat
  • Insect repellent

Madagascar Safari Holiday Destinations


Your 14 day Madagascar Safari Holiday starts from the capital city, Antananarivo. Antananarivo is also also known by its colonial shorthand form Tana. This is the capital and largest city of Madagascar.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

The larger urban area surrounding the city is the capital of Analamanga region. It is also known as Antananarivo-Renivohitra (“Antananarivo-Mother Hill” or “Antananarivo-Capital”).

The city sits at 1,280 m (4,199 ft) above sea level in the center of the island. Madagascar safari holiday takes you to the highest national capital by elevation among the island countries. It has been the country’s largest population center since at least the 18th century.

Overlooking the city is the Rova of Antananarivo palace complex. Time allowing , your Madagascar safari holidaycan tour the center of the Merina kingdom from the 17th century. It features wooden houses and royal tombs. The pink baroque Andafiavaratra Palace sits in the nearby Haute Ville neighborhood. In the city center is the heart-shaped Lake Anosy is ringed by jacaranda trees..


The Madagascar safari holiday will head to Antsirabe. This is the capital city of the Vakinankaratra region, in the central highlands of Madagascar. It’s a popular spa town, known for its thermal springs and many colorful rickshaws. Antsirabe is located 169km from the capital Antananarivo.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

It has neither dense forests nor particularly endemic animals. It is a magnet for people who are looking for a quiet and inspiring place to visit. It is the reason why it is prt of your Madagascar safari holiday tinerary. The city can quite comfortably be explored on foot, by pousse-pousse (human powered rickshaws) or by bicycle.

The city is famous for its textiles, tobacco, and agricultural production. Antsirabe is also famous for its water, renowned throughout the world for its therapeutic properties. It is surrounded by three lakes and a rich vegetation, and you’ll have the opportunity to do many activities with your family and friends.

The city’s French colonial buildings include the Hôtel des Thermes, with its grand facade. Stalls at the souk-like, outdoor Sabotsy Market sell clothing and local produce. Large Lake Andraikiba is just west of the city.

Faraony River

Faraony is a river in Vatovavy-Fitovinany, eastern Madagascar. It flows down from the central highlands to the Indian Ocean. It empties south of Namorona. You will be here to enjoy some river adventures on your Madagascar safari holiday.

Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park is located on the eastern side of the island country of Madagascar. It is in the southcentral part that side of the island.  The national park encompasses an area of 160.61 square miles (416 sq km).

Madagascar Safari Holiday

A Madagascar safari holiday to Ranomafana National Park takes you to the third largest park in the country. It’s also one of the most accessible thanks to its proximity to primary highway RN7. Visitors come from far and wide to admire its astonishing array of rare flora and fauna.

Your Madagascar safari holiday will be at Ranomafana National park to see no fewer than 12 lemur species.

Ranomafana National Park was the discovery of one of these endemic primates (the golden bamboo lemur) in 1986 that led to the park’s establishment five years later.

The landscape of the park features tropical rainforest-covered mountains with park elevation ranging from 2,624.6 feet (800 m) to 3,937 feet (1,200 m).  It is home to incredibly rare species of wildlife and vegetation.

What to See in Ranomafana National Park

Established in 1991, Ranomafana became a UNESCO World Heritage site a few years later. Today this rugged, mountainous park covers an area of over 40,000 hectares of rainforest. It is one of the most important mammal sites in Madagascar, protecting 12 species of lemur.

The lemus species to be seen on Madagascar safari holiday here include, red-bellied lemur and red-fronted brown lemur. We have the Milne-Edwards’ sifaka, small-toothed sportive lemur, eastern woolly lemur and lesser bamboo lemur.

Others to be seen on Madagascar safari holiday are the rare, and recently rediscovered, greater bamboo lemur and golden bamboo lemur. Both species are the reasons why Ranomafana National Park was created to protect.

Standing on the edge of the high plateau, elevations vary between 600 and 1,400ms resulting in vegetation ranges from lowland rainforest to cloudforest to high plateau forest. Enjoy the scenery on your Madagascar safari holiday which is superb, with white-water rivers cascading down steep rainforest-clad slopes. Ranomafana village lies on the banks of the Namorona River, which descends to the east coast.

Anja Community Park

The Anja Community Reserve is a woodland area and freshwater lake, situated at the base a large cliff. Much of the reserve is dominated by fallen rocks and boulders and there are two small caves providing habitat for bats and owls.

Madagascar Safari Holiday

A Madagascar safari holiday to Anja Community Reserve, or Reserve d’Anja goes to a relatively small park in Madagascar. Despite it’s size, it’s definitely worth a visit. The main attraction for you on the Madagascar safari holiday is the many ring-tailed lemurs that inhabit this park. But also the big mountains surrounding the area and the unique flora and fauna.

Anja Reserve was created in 2001 and has done a great job creating jobs and income for the local community and preserving the wildlife and environment. And it’s needed, as 95% of all lemurs (makis) are now gone.

What To See in Anja Park

The intricate area of the Anja Community Reserve is relatively small, but today it is home to the well-known ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta), six species of snakes, various chameleons (including Furcifer campani, the carpet chameleon Furcifer lateralis and the small leaf chameleon Brookesia brunoi.

Tsaranoro Valley

Madagascar Safari Holiday

Tsaranoro circumscribes the Tsaranoro Massif and Tsaranoro Valley. This valley lies at the foot of the Andringitra mountains. On your Madagascar safari holiday here, you will enjoy a breathtaking area for walking surrounded by high cliffs such as the Tsaraonoro and the Chameleon hill.

The valley has a sacred forest full of legends and a natural swimming pool. The Tsaranoro Massif and Andringitra Massif forms the natural border between the territories of the Bara and Betsileo people.

What to Do in Tsanoro Valley

Looking for things to do in Madagascar when in Tsaniro Valley? There are several walks to make in the Tsaranoro valley. A 4-hour walk leads you through the sacred forest, past the natural swimming pool (where you can of course jump in) and through the surrounding villages.

A 6-hour hike lets you climb the Chameleon rock resulting with stunning views. The 8-hour hike brings you to the top of Tsaranoro’s highest rock. You discuss your preferred walk with your guide beforehand.

The Chameleon mountain is one of few places in Madagascar that is being reforested and not deforested. It is not very touristy and therefore guarantees a very unique experience.

This park is very well managed, and the trails are perfectly maintained. Needless to say, that the scenery on your Madagascar safari holiday is spectacular, and we highly recommend a visit to this park as one of the highlights in Madagascar.

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