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Madagascar RN7 Tour

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour is an 11 day African Safari Tour in Madagascar. This Madagascar safari takes you south of Antananarivo. You will be visiting 3 different parks on this tour.

About the Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour is an 11 day African Safari Tour. This Madagascar safari tour takes you south of Antananarivo. You will be visiting 3 different parks on this tour.

Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour is an 11 day African Safari Tour in Madagascar exploring the southern part of Madagascar. This Madagascar safari takes you south of Antananarivo. On this Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour, you will be visiting 3 different parks on this Madagascar safari tour.

The Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour is the most popular tour of Madagascar. This Madagascar tour allows you to see the country in a nutshell.

Along 960 km of tar road, the landscape will be changing every day. RN7 will take you along highlands, dramatic mountains, dry savannah, baobabs and thorny forests. You will be wowed by the scenery along the way.

Starting Point

Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour start in the chillier Asian part of the island, ending in the area of Tuléar, the real Africa, the ‘city of the sun’. This Madagascar trip can also be reversed to start in Tulear in case you are exploring Madagascar in another order.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Sit back and enjoy the beautiful landscape, see it transform as you drive south on Route nr. 7. This is a journey through highlands, rice fields, tropical forest and wide desert. You will visit 3 very different parks and on the way you will see a lot of the culture and crafts of Madagascar.

The Southern Madagascar RN7 tour takes you towards the typical. you get to enjoy the inescapable, and the essential, to have a vision of this country.

The highlands are symbolic of the Big Island. here you go to meet the population in villages and in fields. You will go down southward to see lemurs in the reserve of anjaha and Isalo. End with a relaxing stay in Ifaty.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour Highlights

The highlights of the Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour includes:

  • Beautiful landscape
  • Change in Scenery
  • Forest Hikes
  • Nature Walks
  • Trekking lemurs in Madagascar
  • Beach Holiday
  • Cultural experience

Detailed Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Ivato Airoport – Antananarivo – Hotel

Meet and greet upon arrival at the Ivato International Airport. After clearing with the immigration, enjoy a transfer by car to Antananarivo. The city is stacked on the sloping sides of the Highlands.

Antananarivo is a medieval Capital is affectionately known as ‘Tana’. The capital city stands at an altitude of 1350 m. Take time to enjoy a pleasant climate.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Drop off will be at your tana hotel where you will be briefed on the Madagascar RN7 Tour. You will go through the Madagascar RN7 Itinerary with our Madagascar safari rep.

Enjoy the rest of the day at leisure with overnight at Chalet des roses hotel.

Day 2: Antananarivo – Antsirabe – Hotel

After breakfast your Madagascar RN7 Tour leaves heading south. On this Southern Madagascar tour, you will take Route National nr. 7 by car to Antsirabe.

This is a good road through highlands and beautiful green rice fields. Along the way, do not forget to stop to take photos, buy fruit or crafts and might have lunch.

Your next stop will be upon reaching the spa town of Antsirabe, the coolest place in Madagascar. Its climate made it a favorite spot with European missionaries. Their influences can still be seen in the colonial architecture and churches.

Antsirabe is also the agriculture and administrative center of Madagascar. It is also regarded as the ‘pousse-pousse‘ capital. In the evening there is time to walk through the nice town centre. You can enjoy a “pousse pousse” ride around town and visit a restaurant or bar.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Your overnight on this Madagascar RN7 Tour will be at Couleure café hotel, comfort room.

Day 3: Antsirabe – Ambositra – Ranomafana – Hotel

Your Madagascar RN7 Tour start early with breakfast at your hotel. This Southern Madagascar tour then visit some of the craft shops here. This are shops that produce carvings of Malagasy life. This is before your Madagascar RN7 itinerary leave to Ranomafana.

This is a long drive and trip to Ranomafana takes up most of the day. Before midday, your Madagascar RN7 tour makes a stop for lunch in Ambositra. There may be the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Malagasy meal then see a folk dance at the hotel Artisan.

You can also buy some souvenirs from the handcraft wood at Chez Victor Shop. This is before your Souther Madagascar tour continue driving south to Ranomafana.

You will arrive there before the evening. Around 6 pm, we meet the local guide to show us the nocturnal wildlife. You should look forward to the Mouse Lemur, Frogs, Chameleons, Etc.

The night walk takes 2 hours before your Madagascar RN7 tour returns to the hotrl. Overnight at Manja hotel, economy room.

Day 4: Ranomafana National Park

After a good night sleep, your Madagascar RN7 tour wakes up to breakfast. You will then drive to the entrance of Park and will start our daytime visit. This is a tour to this beautiful humid tropical forest.

With the local guides you will admire lemurs such as Grey Bamboo lemur. others include Milne-Edwards Sifaka, birds and insects. The golden bamboo lemur is the main attraction of this park. Around noon we will leave this Park and arrive at the hotel. We have lunch at the Restaurant.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

In the afternoon, your Southern Madagascar tour takes a rest at the hotel. Overnight at Manja hotel, economy room.

Day 5: Ranomafana – Fianarantsoa – Ambalavao

another early start on your Madagascar RN7 tour. today on the Madagascar RN7 Itinerary, you will be returning to the main road. This is after you have had breakfast on this Southern Madagascar tour.

This morning, we continue south via the regional Capital of Fianarantsoa. This is the academic centre of Madagascar. Here, we have an opportunity to admire Fianarantsoa city on the Upper Town.

Your Madagascar RN7 tour will be leaving the highland plateau. You will be descending through superb mountain scenery to the plains Ambalavao. Upon arrival, check into your hotel in time for lunch.This afternoon, you will visit a paper Antaimoro workshop and can-do shopping. Then we drive to Soavita wine cellar for tasting Malagasy wine finally returning to the hotel.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Overnight on the Madagascar RN7 Tour will be at Tsianiparihy hotel, lodge bungalow.

Day 6: Ambalavao – Anjaha Reserve – Ranohira – Hotel

Wake up to a relaxed breakfast on this day of Madagascar RN7 tour. At around 9am your Madagascar RN7 Itinerary takes you to Community Anjaha Reserve. Here, you have chance to watch troupes of Ring-tailed lemurs on the granite boulders.

Your Souther Madagascar Tour continues south going through as the pine trees thin out. The fertile soil of the highlands gives way to drier savannah, Cactus and Termite mounds. The Madagascar RN7 itinerary welcomes you to the dust of the mid south.

You will finally reach your destination late in the afternoon. Ranohira is on the edge of the Isalo National Park.  Upon arrival, you will check into your hotel. Today on the Madagascar RN7 tour, you will overnight at Orchidee hotel, standard room.

Day 7: Ranohira – Isalo National Park – Ranohira – Isalo window

After breakfast, your Madagascar RN7 tour drive to Isalo National Park. You will park the car and enter the Park walking. Landscapes are incredible, you do not believe it, how can wind and water have created all this?

After 3 kms walking, you arrive at natural oasis pool known as Piscine Naturelle, where you can swim. From here, you have the opportunity to take walking within the National Park to Namaza.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

You see on the side path the sparse dry deciduous forest. These include species of dwarf-like baobab and succulent. Arrival at the Namaza campsite place.

Today on the Madagascar RN7 Itinerary, you will have a picnic Lunch. This will be at the Namaza campsite place then we get ready to go to Cascade des Amoureux, where we can swim too.

After your Southern Madagascar tour takes a walk back to the exit and drive back to Ranohira. Overnight at Orchidee hotel, Standard Room.

Isalo National Park is renowned for its typical lunar sceneries and canyons.

Day 8: Ranohira – Zombitsy Vohibasia Park – Tulear – Ifaty

Your day on Madagascar RN7 tour starts with breakfast at your hotel. This is before your Southern Madagascar tour continue with the journey to the south.

The temperature rises as we lose height and head for the coast. today you will be crossing the savannah plain, Ilakaka Sapphire village. On the way, you’ll have a short visit in Zombitse Park. Your Madagascar RN7 Itinerary will let you discover another species of Lemurs. There are some Baobabs trees here too.

Then you will continue this Southern Madagascar trip. The tour passes by several fascinating Mahafaly Tombs. You will reach the white city, known as Tulear later around noon.

Today you will have Lunch at the Restaurant. Transfer to Ifaty and arrival there before the evening. Overnight at Nautilus hotel, comfort bungalow.

Day 9 and 10: Ifaty

You can explore different activities from the hotel during the day at leisure on the edges of Mozambique channel. If you want to take advantage of the sea and lagoon : diving, dugout ride with Vezo fishermen, swim or just idleness. Hikers can discover inside land, a specific and extraordinary vegetation composed of euphorbia, baobab, didieracea, aloes … In the south, the thorny are kings.

Day 11: Ifaty – Tulear – Antananarivo

Enjoy the morning at leisure before a transfer to Tulear in time for your domestic flight back to Tana to connect to your international flight home.

———- End of the Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour ———-

Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour Costs:

What is included in the cost of Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour?

  • Car and fuel with a driver
  • Guide assistance during the whole tour
  • Accommodation as per the itinerary on bed and breakfast basis
  • Park entrance fees and local guide fees
  • All treks
  • Boat crossings and excursions

Southern Madagascar RN7 Price excludes:

  • Your food and drinks during the whole tour
  • All your international flights
  • Domestic Flights
  • Items of personal use

What to Carry on the Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour Safari

  • Light and a few heavy clothing for evenings
  • Closed, comfortable shoes
  • Sun protection like sun cream, hat
  • Insect repellent

Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour Destination

Southern Madagascar RN7 tour is the most popular tour in Madagascar from Antananarivo to Tulear. This Madagascar tour goes by the famous RN7 more than 590 miles.

There are Beautiful landscapes; serpents’ hills, plains, rice fields, various ethnic groups; admiring their cultures and handcrafts. You will go to the Zafimaniry woodcarving in Ambositra; the Antemoro Papers and silks in Ambalavao and more other.

The Southern Madagascar RN7 tour visiting the best of the national parks and reserve in Madagascar Ranomafana N.P; Anja community reserve and Isalo N.P. Your Southern Madagascar RN7 tour  will be crossing the amazing plateau of Horombe.

Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park occupies over 160 square miles (415 square kilometers) of montane rainforest in southeastern Madagascar. That makes it the third largest park in the country. It’s also one of the most accessible thanks to its proximity to primary highway RN7.

On your Southern Madagascar RN7 tour, you will come from far and wide to admire its astonishing array of rare flora and fauna. These include no fewer than 12 lemur species.

It was the discovery of one of these endemic primates (the golden bamboo lemur) in 1986 that led to the park’s establishment five years later.

Scientific Research

Today, Ranomafana National Park continues to be at the forefront of scientific research. It is the home of the cutting edge Centre ValBio. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular stops on any Madagascan safari itinerary.

This park is named after the Malagasy phrase meaning “hot water,” Ranomafana National Park includes thermal springs on its long list of natural wonders.

Anjaha Community Reserve

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

Anja Community Reserve is about 13 km south of Ambalavao. The Anja Community Reserve is found in the Haute-Matsiatra region. It can be easily reached by car via the RN7.

This park is only half an hour away from the small town and is always worth a day’s visit. From Antananarivo it takes about nine hours by car (about 480 km). It is a good idea to stop for a night in Antsirabe orAmbositra on the way.

The Anja Community reserve is one of the most visited community-managed sites in Madagascar. It is famous for the large groups of ring-tailed lemurs and the dry forest is located just beneath three large granite mountains.

Community Managed Sites

Like other community managed sites, the Anja Community provides a protected area for the natural resources and enables the Malagasy inhabitants to benefit from ecotourism.

Besides more than 300 cattas (ring-tailed lemurs), three different lizards (Chameleons), several snake species and many birds. The ring-tailed lemurs had been fed by humans in the past and lost their fear.

Anja Community Reserve nicknamed “Anja Park”. This is is a great place to see ring-tailed lemurs in troops. It is the most visited community-run protected area for the lemurs and the landscape is incredible with the backdrop of granite rocks.

You can take a 2 hour walk around the 30-hectare reserve to see the ring-tailed lemur families and varieties of flora. On your Southern Madagascar RN7 tour, you can also see some Bestsileo tombs here.

Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is known for its wide variety of terrain. These include sandstone formations, deep canyons, palm-lined oases, and grassland. The closest town is Ranohira, and the closest city is Toliara.

Southern Madagascar RN 7 Tour

A local guide is required for visitors on Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour entering the park, and guides and porters can be hired in Ranohira. Treks in the park can last from several hours to a week or longer.

The Bara people, who traditionally inhabit the park, entomb the dead in natural mountain caves. The caves are considered sacred, they have buried the dead of their ancestors for centuries.

The Isalo National Park in the central-south is the most visited in Madagascar. The park, furrowed of rivers and their affluents, spreads over 81 540 ha.

The wild landscape with deep canyons, palm-lined oases and grasslands, is formed by erosions of a plateau of Jurassic sandstone. The park protects a unique treasure of endemic species, including 14 species of nocturnal lemurs.

What to See on Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour

There are lots of things to be seen on your Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour. They include:


Anja community reserve is a known place for preservation of tombs and other ancient regalia. This has been going on for more than 200 years. The local people who live in the area have always buried their dead on the rocks that are found in the area and these surprising. They still use up to this day although many of them cannot easily be accessed by those on Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour.


The intricate area of the Anja Community Reserve is relatively small, but today it is home to the well-known ring-tailed lemurs (Lemur catta). There are six species of snakes, various chameleons including Furcifer campani. Others are the carpet chameleon Furcifer lateralis and the small leaf chameleon Brookesia brunoi, which only occurs here.

Numerous birds and other animals worthy of protection. One of the rarest inhabitants of the Anja Community Reserve, the Striped Tenrec, is difficult and rare to observe.

The main reason to visit Ranomafana national park is the chance to see 12 of Madagascar’s iconic lemur species in the wild. Possible sightings include endangered species like the aye-aye and the Milne-Edwards’s sifaka.

Critically Endangered Species

There is also critically endangered species like the Sibree’s dwarf lemur and the golden bamboo lemur. One of Ranomafana’s rarest residents is the greater bamboo lemur which was believed to be extinct until 1986.

Scientists discovered a remnant population living in the park. Other mammals include seven different kinds of endemic tenrec and small carnivores such as the Malagasy striped civet.

There are at least 14 species of lemur found in Isalo National Park including the daytime red-fronted lemur, the ring-tailed lemur, and Verreaux’s Sifaka, and the night time gray mouse lemur, red-tailed sportive lemur, and Coquerel’s giant mouse lemur, among many others.

Many on Southern Madagascar RN7 Tour consider the flora to be more impressive than the fauna in Isalo National Park, as wildlife is limited compared to other regions. There are more than 500 species of plants found within the park, including endemic species.


All the 3 Madagascar national parks visited on this offer many hiking opportunities. The best park being Isalo if you are looking at landscape. Ranomafana is reach in flora and fauna while Anja is more cultural.

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