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Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

The Tok Tokkie trails tour is a 3 day guided Namibia desert hike. This African safari tour in Namibia to experience dune hikes in Sossusvlei. The Namibia safari experience goes to the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. The Tok Tokkie trails tour terrain offers mountains as well as sandy desert.

About The 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trails Tour Namibia

The Tok Tokkie trails tour is a 3 day guided Namibia desert hike. This is on the Namib Rand Nature Reserve. This Tok Tokkie trails tour is for walkers who prefer leisure desert walk. The emphasis is on quality time with your guide.

The aim of this Namibia tour is to impart knowledge about the intricacies of the desert fauna and flora. Effort will be made to ensure that the desert organisms are observed at close range. This are those that are rarely seen on a normal safari tour in Namibia.

The Tok Tokkie trails tour terrain offers mountains as well as sandy desert. This provides the opportunity to see the whole desert, not only the dunes. Often, one needs to make his/ her own way to the start of Tok Tokkie trail tour hike. We can also organize this at an extra fee.

The starting point of Tok Tokkie trails tour is close to the dunes at Sossusvlei. Spending a night at one of the nearby lodges is advisable. All you need to bring is your hiking boots and drinks, everything else is supplied.

Tok Tokkie Trails tour offers an experience rather than just a place to stay. This Namibia safari experience is excellent, very close to nature, with knowledgeable and affable guides. Sleeping out under the stars isn’t for everyone – but if you like the idea, then the Tok Tokkie Trails tour will be magical!

The Tok Tokkie trails is named after the beetles with mottled shells and spindly legs. These beetles live in the dunes.

Your Tok Tokkie Trails tour take you on a loop of around 20 km through the spectacular protected area of the NamibRand.  The trail is broken by two overnight stays in carefully designed, comfortable, desert wilderness camps.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

The 3 day Tok Tokkie Trails tour is ideal for walkers who enjoy nature. This Namibia tour is for those who are curious to discover more about Namibia’s fascinating and beautiful desert.

Each day on your Tok Tokkie Trails tour is planned to avoid the midday heat. You will be walking for 1-2 hours through the cool of morning or klate afternoon to the next stop or camp camp.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

The walking pace is gentle and all you need to carry with you are your sunhat, suntan lotion, water bottles, binoculars and cameras in small day sacks as the Tok Tokkie super team take your main bags from camp to camp.

Other than enjoying the obvious highlight of the tremendous scenery, the detail of the desert is brough alive by our Tok Tokkie Trails tour. This is by explaining how plants and animal.

Highlights of the 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trail Tour in Namibia

The highlights of the 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trail Tour in Namibia includes:

  • Enjoy walking at an easy pace, not exceeding 10 km a day.
  • You only carry your day pack, including a lunch bag, water and your camera equipment.
  • Your main luggage will be in a back-up vehicle.
  • Close up viewing of desert fauna and flora. Learn about this living desert.
  • Enjoy simple desert luxury – a hot bucket shower and bush toilet with a view.
  • Delicious 3-course meals are served for dinner out in the dunes.
  • Walking is in small groups of 2 to 8 people for personal attention and tranquility.
  • Larger groups can be catered for on request.
  • Ideal for families.
  • Perfect for honeymooners and all romantics

Detailed 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trail Hike Tour Itinerary

Day 1: Tok Tokkie Trail

Arrival at the Tok Tokkie Guesthouse should be by 14h00. You will be given a day pack before Tok Tokkie trail tour begins. This will include a water bottle and something to eat. Remember to add your camera and binoculars too. A book to read during the heat of the day can also get a place.

Pack a bag with clothes you need for the next two days. The support vehicle will bring it to the overnight campsites. You will be transferred by the car to the starting point of the trail. This is about a half-hour’s drive through the dunes. After drop off, the vehicle proceeds to the overnight stop. This is in the heart of the sand dunes.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

These are not the dunes at Sossusvlei and are smaller. They are covered with vegetation giving them a unique beauty of their own. A short walk to the overnight stop brings you to the camp. Here you can relax with a sun-downer. Get used to that ‘desert feeling’ whilst enjoying the magnificent scenery. You will be camping under the African star filled sky.

Day 2: Tok Tokkie Hiking Trail

Start your Tok Tokkie trail tour with an early morning cup of tea/coffee. You will hit the trail careful to avoid walking in the heat of the day. Today’s walk heads up to the highest point of a small pass. You will have breathtaking views of both dunes and plains.

A good part of the morning will be in the mountain. This is before descending down the other side into a dry riverbed. Insect life adapted to the harsh environment is prolific here.

Birding is good with possible sightings of Namib endemics. This includes the Dune Larks. Larger game like bat-eared fox, Cape fox and oryx may be spotted as well. You will have rest during the hottest part of the day. This is in the shade where you’ll have a hearty brunch. You got time for a siesta and reflection on morning’s activities and sightings.

After the sun cools off, the walk continues through the dunes. You’ll have a stop at the second overnight stop. This overlooks the dune sea sands and gravel plains. This is a perfect opportunity for photography. There are spectacular shadows on the dunes.

There is also the ever-changing palette of colors shortly before sunset. Listen to the sound of barking geckos petting for a wife. There will be the occasional cry of the hyena. The silence of the desert, will go with you through the night. Overnight will be by camping under the African star filled sky.

Tok Tokkie Trails

The Tok Tokkie Trails walking safari takes you close to the desert’s stunning beauty. Whilst walking, you will discover many secrets of the Namib. These are experience that cannot be experienced when driving. You will get to feel different aspects of the Namib – from mountainous terrain to sandy dunes.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

You will see Fog-basking Tok Tokkie beetles, barking geckos and dancing spiders. There are also bat-eared foxes, and many more – the desert is not deserted at all. Let your guide introduce you to this world while you relax with a sundowner. You better enjoy a three-course dinner before falling asleep under the stars.

Day 3: Tok Tokkie Guesthouse

Begin the Tok Tokkie trail tour with a cup of Tea or coffee and rusks. Your Tok Tokkie tour hike continues through the dune field. These soft and rolling dunes are clustered with camelthorn trees. These will provide a welcome shade for rest stops. Today’s walk is easy and you arrive at the guesthouse in time for lunch.

———- End of Tok Tokkie Tour Hike ———-

3 Day Tok Tokkie Tour Hike Cost

Included in the 3 Day Tok Tokkie Tour Hike Cost

  • Accommodation and camping as per itinerary
  • National park & site entry fees
  • Activities as per the program
  • Meals as per itinerary (B=breakfast L=lunch D=dinner)
  • Services of an English-speaking guide & camp assistant
  • Pick up/drop off within Windhoek city limits

Not Included in 3 Day Tok Tokkie Tour Hike

  • Drinks snacks
  • Sleeping bag
  • Optional activities

What to Carry on 3 Day Tok Tokkie Tour Hike

  • light and heavy clothing
  • hat
  • sun glasses
  • Sun screen
  • comfortable hiking shoes
  • sandals

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Where Does the 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trail Tour Go

NamibRand Nature Reserve

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a private nature reserve in Southwestern Namibia in the Namib Desert. This reserve in Namibia was founded in 1984 by J.A. Brückner. It has more than 215,000 hectares.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve shares a 100 km border with Namib-Naukluft National Park to the west and the Nubib mountains to the east.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

It is one of Southern Africa’s largest private nature reserves. It originated as a dream of extending the desert frontiers through the integration of a large number of former sheep farms.

The aim was to develop a sanctuary free of fences, so that the wildlife could once again roam their habitat unhindered.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve is a model for private conservation in southern Africa. It demonstrates holistic biodiversity conservation balanced with financial sustainability.

Conserving the pro-Namib, the area along the eastern edge of the Namib Desert, is critically important. This is in order to facilitate seasonal migratory wildlife routes and to protect biodiversity.

Low-impact ecotourism is a means towards sustaining our conservation efforts through park fees. Five tourism concessions have been awarded, that each pay a daily, per-bed fee to the Reserve.

The funds generated through these park fees enable the Reserve to be financially self-sustaining.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

The NamibRand Nature Reserve in Namibia has been proclaimed as Africa’s first International Dark Sky Reserve (IDSR), which means that it is one of the best places on earth to star-gaze.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve has been designated a Gold Tier International Dark Sky Reserve by the International Darks Sky Association. The NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserve was only the second place on Earth that was designated with Gold Tier status because of its exceptionally dark skies.

The NamibRand International Dark Sky Reserve was also the first International Dark Sky Reserve in the developing world and in Africa.

The NamibRand Nature Reserve recognises the importance and the value of keeping the night sky dark. The concept ties in well with their objective to “conserve all indigenous natural resources occurring in the Reserve and thus to restore and maintain biological diversity”.

If not managed correctly, artificial light could well have a negative effect on both plant species. this affects both the nocturnal and diurnal animal species.

It causes habitat and behavioural changes, impacts that we would like to avoid. Similarly, excessive artificial lighting has a major negative effect both on aesthetics and on the quality of night sky experiences for guests.

Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

The NamibRand Nature Reserve currently employs 12 staff members. Staff functions include natural resource management, the co-ordination of research activities.

They also donetworking and liaison with tourism concessionaires and other stakeholders. There is baseline maintenance / improvement of infrastructure as well as general management of the Reserve.

Managing the Reserve would not be possible without the help of tourism concessionaires. This is achieved through tour guides who traverse the Reserve with their guests on a daily bases, adding many extra eyes and ears to help with resource monitoring.

What To See on the 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trails tour

Four distinct habitats are found on the Reserve when on your ok Tokkie Trails tour. They include dunes and sandy plains, inselbergs and mountains, gravel plains, and sand and gravel plains interface.

The predominant large mammals on the Reserve are Oryx gazelle (gemsbok or oryx) and Antidorcas marsupialis (springbok). You will see quite a number on this 3 day ok Tokkie Trails tour.

The latest game census indicated that there were 3,200 oryx and 12,400 springbok on the Reserve. Other large mammals include kudu, Hartman’s and Burchell’s zebra, giraffe, klipspringer, steenbok, hartebeest and baboon.

If you are lucky on your ok Tokkie Trails tour, look forward to seeing the leopard, spotted and brown hyena and black-backed jackal. Other animals include aardwolf, bat-eared fox, Cape fox, African wildcat, caracal and genet.

To date more than 150 bird species have been identified, while work is still in progress on the inventory of rodents, reptiles, amphibians, invertebrates and plants.

Insect common on the Tok Tokkie Trails tour include the smallest beetles that live in the dry conditions.

Your Tok Tokkie Trails tour walks you through great patches of mysterious fairy circles. Get ready to hear the various theories on how they are formed. Marvel at at enormous nests built by sociable weaver birds.

Accommodation on the 3 Day Tok Tokkie Trails Tour

Believe it or not, at Tok Tokkie trails tour you sleep under the stars but with eco-luxe comforts and good food. You will have an outdoor stretcher bed where you can gaze at one of the darkest night skies in the world.

You will be wrapped up warm, delicious three course dinners with drinks, and a hot bucket shower and bush toilet complete with views of the rolling desert.

You will enjoy your open air ‘desert suite’, with military style, and surprizingly comfortable, camp beds topped with a bed roll.  Snuggling inside the delicious cotton duvets at night, you will rest under a sky glittering with stars.

The NamibRand is naturally one of the darkest places on earth and you can see the Milky Way, the Southern Cross and Scorpio as well as many other starry delights

Character of and requirements for the Tok Tokkie trails tour

Tok Tokkie trails tour is not difficult, but challenging. Fitness and good condition is essential as the trails entail 7 to 8 hours walking. Your main luggage will be transported by a back-up vehicle.
You only have to carry a day pack, including a lunch pack, water and your camera equipment while on the Tok Tokkie trails tour. As some of the routes lead through rough terrain and over sand dunes it requires well-balanced and secure walking.
Please be aware of high temperature fluctuations, which can reach a high of 35°C during the day. Sometimes plummeting down to -5°C at night, which can cause additional stress to your heart and circulation. We recommend you to prepare yourself for the Tok Tokkie trails tour with some fitness training.
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