• 2 day Lake Mburo safari
  • 2 day Lake Mburo Tour safari
  • 2 day Lake Mburo Tour safari
  • 2 day Lake Mburo Tour safari
  • 2 day Lake Mburo Tour safari
  • 2 day Lake Mburo Tour safari
  • 2 day Lake Mburo Tour safari

The 2 days lake mburo tour goes to Lake Mburo National Park. This is the smallest of Uganda’s Savannah parks. The 2 days lake mburo tour goes to a Uganda park situated in the western part of the country in Kiruhura District.

Lake Mburo National Park has a number of different animal species. They include Zebra, Buffalo, Hippos, Warthogs, Giraffes, Baboons and Elands. There are also birds like African fish eagle, African kingfisher not to forget among others. Important to note, it is the only park with Impalas in Uganda.

2 day Lake Mburo safari

The 2 day Lake mburo tour takes you approximately 240km by road west of Kampala. This Uganda safari will take you about 4 hours to drive to the Park. The park is home to over 68 mammal species such as buffaloes, bush pigs, leopards, and zebras as well as various bird species. It is famous for having large numbers of Zebras.

The park also has great sceneries starting from the rolling hills, the lush forests to the Savannah grasslands, and seasonal swamps to lakes.

There are 5 lakes in the park where by you can engage in sport fishing where you can catch a large tilapia and other fish species, also large numbers of hippos occupy the lakes. 2 Day Lake mburo tour in the park you might not miss out on seeing the leopards, hyenas, and side stripped jackals in the night.

Lake Mburo Tour Destination

Lake Mburo National Park

The two days lake mburo tour takes you to a very special place. The Lake Mburo National Park has every part of its alive with variety, interest and colour. It contains an extensive area of wetland and also harbors several species of mammals and birds. Some of these wildlife is found nowhere else in Uganda.

Lake Mburo National park has a sculptured landscape, with rolling hills and idyllic lake shores. It has a varied mosaic of habitats; forest galleries, seasonal and permanent swamps, rich acacia-woodland and grassy valleys which all support a wealth of wildlife.

At 370 square km, Lake Mburo National Park is small in comparison with many other East African parks. However this size is compensated with its rich variety of habitats. The habitat includes dry hillsides, rocky outcrops, bushy thickets, open and wooded savannah, forest, lakes and swamps. This is home to a surprising diversity of plants and animals.

Lake Mburo is the only park in Uganda with eland, impala and klipspringer. It is also home to the largest population of zebra in Uganda estimated at about 5,000.

It is also believed that Lake Mburo probably contains the highest concentration of leopard found anywhere in Uganda. Buffalo, waterbuck, topi and warthog are also very common.

 Reedbuck and oribi can also be spotted in the open valleys. Hyena, genet, bush pigs and white tailed mongoose are often seen on night game drives.

At the centre of the Park is Lake Mburo, which together with 14 other lakes in the area, forms part of a wetland system. This system is linked by a swamp some 50 km long, fed by the Ruizi River on the western side. Five lakes, of which the largest is Lake Mburo, occur within the Park’s boundary.

Accommodation on the 2 Day Lake Mburo Tour

There are various accommodation options for this 2 day Lake mburo tour. They include:

Rwakobo Rock Lodge

2 day Lake Mburo safari Rwakobo Rock Lodge

The 3 day Lake mburo tour to Rwakobo Rock takes you to a peaceful and secluded retreat. Here you can breathe in the essence of wild Uganda. The 8 comfortable and spacious cottages are dotted around the hill. This allows those on 3 day Lake mburo tour a very private and offering great sunset views.

The main dining area overlooks an expanse of rock that adjoins the park. It is set in the pristine Ankole ranchlands surrounding Lake Mburo National Park. Whether you want to sit back, sip on an ice-cold drink in a hammock or head out into Lake Mburo National Park for a day of exciting exploration, there is something for everyone here.

Rwakobo is nestled on a scenic outcrop with breathtaking views. Animals such as zebra, warthog, impala and bushbuck abound around the lodge and often congregate at the water hole beneath the dining area. At night the sounds of bush come to life and allow your imagination to run wild.

This idyllic spot is situated just over 1Km from the Nshara Gate of Lake Mburo National Park. The drive from the main road passes through the lovely Nshara government ranch, where the magnificent Ankole cattle graze peacefully alongside herds of Zebra.

The Bahima pastoralists of the area still live traditional lives and are excellent custodians of the natural landscape and its biodiversity.

Mburo Safari Lodge

2 day Lake Mburo safari Mburo safari lodge

2 days Lake mburo tour to Mburo Safari Lodge takes you to a luxury and eco-friendly lodge in Lake Mburo National Park.

This allows you to relax in one of the luxurious cottages, all raised on a wooden platform and covered by a grass-thatched roof. It is a perfect blending with the natural environment, stylishly and thoughtfully designed for your absolute comfort, convenience, and pleasure.

All cottages have a private balcony with a great view and chances to see the wildlife of Lake Mburo.

The luxury cottages are spacious, very comfortable and equipped with a clean private bathroom with hot shower and flushing toilet. Comfortable king-sized beds with mosquito nets will make sure you have a perfect night.

Mburo Safari Lodge boasts of its excellent accommodations for those on the 2 day Lake mburo tour. The accommodation comprises the main Lodge, cottages and honeymoon house. They are all raised on a wooden platform.

These rooms are covered by a grass-thatched roof, perfectly blending with the natural environment, stylishly and thoughtfully designed for your absolute comfort, convenience, and pleasure.

Each of the room is equipped with clean private bathrooms with hot showers and toilets and private balconies. There are handcrafted wooden furniture, comfortable king-sized beds, mosquito nets and wardrobes all opening out to their private balconies.

Some cottages have a full kitchen. All rooms are privately situated, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty that surrounds you on your 2 day Lake mburo tour.

2 Day Lake Mburo Tour Itinerary in Brief

Day 1: Pick up from Kampala or Entebbe International Airport in the morning and transfer to Lake Mburo. After lunch enjoy a boat ride and an late evening game drive.

Day 2: Early morning nature walk before late breakfast and after checkout, enjoy a game drive before departure back to Kampala.