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Lalibela Tour Safari Ethiopia

3 Day Lalibela Tour Safari

The 3 day Lalibela tour safari in Ethiopia takes you back to history. On this African safari tour to Ethiopia, you will visit the rock hewn churches in Ethiopia. This has earned the churches a rightful place for a wonder of the ancient world.

About The 3 day Ethiopia safari to Lalibela

This Ethiopia safari is not to be missed by anyone.  The focus of the 3 day Ethiopia safari to Lalibela is history or religious pilgrimage sites.

Make this African safari tour with ease on this 3-day Lalibela Tour safari in Ethiopia from Addis Ababa. The 3 day Ethiopia tour includes accommodation and all food and activities as per itinerary.

On this 3-day Lalibela Tour safari in Ethiopia you will tour the magnificent ruins. This is with your guide for a deeper understanding of their significance. You will get to know how they observe the Sabbath Festival that takes place at the ruins every weekend.

The 3-day Lalibela Tour safari in Ethiopia visits rock hewn churches from the 12th and 13th centuries. Observe the Sabbath Festival at the church site, which occurs every weekend.

3 Day Lalibela Tour Safari

Detailed 3 Day Lalibela Tour Safari in Ethiopia Itinerary

Day 1: Trek from Lalibela to Degosach Eco Lodge

Meet and greet on arrival or at your hotel in the morning. Enjoy a briefing on this 3-day Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa. Our Ethiopia safari representative will help transfer you to your domestic flight.

You will be in time for Fly to Lalibela and take the airport shuttles transfer to the Town. Today you will visit the rock hewn churches of Lalibela. Lalibela is most famous for its churches.

Visit the 12-13th century Rock hewn churches among the Eighth wonders of the world. This are still active places of worship and host many major religious Ceremonies. The churches are carved out of solid rock, and each has unique architectural features. Take a wander through the tunnels and stairways linking the churches together.

We will drive to the site where we find a concentration of churches. You will find some of Ethiopians most famous Rock Hewn churches here.

3 Day Lalibela Tour Safari

They are referred by many as the living wonders of the world. These churches are have been around here for at list 900 years. They are active christen shrine, the spiritual center of the counter’s religious life.  The monolithic churches where carved out of 2600-sq natural rock terrace. This was in the twelve century AD by king Lalibela.

Bete Medhanialem is the largest monolithic Rock hewn church of the world. Magers 37.7 ft in Height, covers an area of almost 2625 Square ft and has walls that are up to 6 feet thick. A plain building supported by 36 pillars on the inside and anther 38 pillars around the outside. Bete Medhanialemmodeled on the original st.Merryzion church. This was by king Ezana in 4th century at axum.

We will visit all Rock hewn churches of Lalibela. they are Bete Medhanialem, Bete Mariam, Bete Meskel, Bete Denagl and Bete Gebrial. We also have Bete Amanuel, Bete Merkoriwos, Bete Aba Libanos and Bete Gologota Michal.

Later in the afternoon drive from Lalibela to degosach Eco Lodge. this is 40Munite. you will then Trek 30munite more from the road to the eco Lodge.

You will check in and have lunch and short break. from the lodge enjoy a walk to one of the villages close to Degosach. You will be here to learn about the life of the local people. This includes farming practices, cattle rearing and local traditions. You will spend the remind of the afternoon enjoying the silence of Degosach Eco Lodge. Look out for the beautiful sunset.

At night gather around the fire with the local farmers. Here you will have a lovely tradition to welcome their Guests. This is by washing guests’ feet, some of our client call it (foot massage).

3 Day Lalibela Tour Safari

It is common for the people in the mountain when new Guest. This is when they arrive their house first. They will give them food, then wash gusts feet and leave their bed for guests. Of curse now they will not leave their bed for you because they have the eco lodge.

Enjoy your diner under the star and moon. After your diner locals will present a lovely typical traditional dance. This is of the Highland Tribes; you can enjoy the muisc till your time to bed.

Accommodation at: Degosach Eco lodge

Day 2: Full Day Excursion to Abune Yousef Community Conservation park.

Start the 3-day Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa starts with an early breakfast. This will be followed by an early departure for a long Trek. This is a Mule ride from Degosach Eco lodge to Abune Yousef park.  You will spend much of your day at Abune Yousef Park.

Abune Yousef is covering 70km2 of Afroalpine habitat and spectacular scenery. Depending on yo ur time of arrival at the park you can Explore some of Abune yousef Park View points. There will be wildlife seeing points & Peaks…etc. You can visit the the other side of the park Small & Big zgit 4100m.

Have your picnic lunch at Small Zgit overlooking the panoramic view. This is towards endless chain mountains of Sekota. Visit different fauna and flora, fox and swarm of Ghelada baboons. You will see plenty of Birds and lots of Fauna and flora of the area.

Later it is time to go the other direction return back to degosach eco lodge. You will pass trough most beautiful village of Dewalk. This is a nice village with Spectacular view, located on a nice spot.  At night, as usual you will have campfire under the star and moon. Today the dance will present by you and the staff. Enjoy the local traditional dance and music. You will be invited to dance our unique Ethiopian traditional dance.

Accommodation at: Degosach eco lodge

Day 3:  Trek from Degosach Eco Lodge – Lalibela,

Have your early breakfast looking beautiful sunrise through the Abune Yousef Mountains. Then you will trek back to the road where you will be pickup by 4×4 for your flight to Axum. You will be in time for your flight back to Addis Ababa. that is in time for your departure flight home

—–End of 3 Day Ethiopia Safari to Lalibela —–

3 Day Lalibela Tour from Addis Ababa Costs:

What is included in the 3 day Lalibela Tour in Ethiopia cost?

  • Domestic airfare as listed above (quoted separately below)
  • Private ground transportation (including all airport transfers), inclusive of fuel and insurance
  • Hotel accommodation as listed above. (Or similar quality, based on availability), double or twin share including breakfast
  • Entrance fees to all locations including local guide service
  • All applicable taxes

3 day Lalibela Tour in Ethiopia Price excludes:

  • Accommodation and activities in Addis Ababa
  • Lunch, dinner and beverages, including all alcoholic beverages
  • Camera and/or photo fees
  • Tips for driver, guides, etc (at your discretion)
  • Items of a personal nature

What to Carry on the 3 Day Lalibela Tour in Ethiopia

  • Sun glasses
  • Light and some few heavy clothing
  • Sun screen
  • Insect repellant
  • Hat
  • Comfortable shoes

Where To on the 3 Day Lalibela Tour from Addis Ababa

Your 3 day Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa goes to Lalibela. Lalibela is one of Ethiopia’s most famous and serene settings. This town is beloved by tourists and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians alike. A 3 day Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa takes you to see its concentration of rock-hewn churches.

Lalibela (ላሊበላ) is history and mystery frozen in stone. Its soul alive with the rites and awe of Christianity at its most ancient and unbending. No matter what you’ve heard about Lalibela, no matter how many pictures you’ve seen of its breathtaking rock-hewn churches, nothing can prepare you for the reality of seeing it for yourself.

It’s not only a World Heritage site, but truly a world wonder. Spending a night vigil here during one of the big religious festivals, when white-robed pilgrims in their hundreds crowd the courtyards of the churches, is to witness Christianity in its most raw and powerful form.

This 3 day Ethiopia safari goes to thistown   remotely perched at an altitude of 2,630 meters in the Ethiopian Highlands.

The 3 day Lalibela tour from Addis Abba goes to a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1978. This Ethiopia tour will expose you to a cluster of 13 churches are one of Ethiopia’s most popular tourist destinations.

History of Lalibela

During the reign of Gebre Mesqel Lalibela, a member of the Zagwe dynasty who ruled Ethiopia in the late 12th century and early 13th century, the current town of Lalibela was known as Roha.

The saint-king was named because a swarm of bees is said to have surrounded him at his birth, which his mother took as a sign of his future reign as emperor of Ethiopia. The names of several places in the modern town and the general layout of the rock-cut churches themselves are said to mimic names and patterns observed by Lalibela during the time he spent as a youth in Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

3 Day Lalibela Tour Safari

Lalibela, revered as a saint, is said to have seen Jerusalem, and then attempted to build a new Jerusalem as his capital in response to the capture of old Jerusalem by Muslims in 1187. Each church was carved from a single piece of rock to symbolize spirituality and humility.

Christian faith inspires many features with Biblical names – even Lalibela’s river is known as the River Jordan. Lalibela remained the capital of Ethiopia from the late 12th into the 13th century.

The first European to see these churches was the Portuguese explorer Pêro da Covilhã (1460–1526). Portuguese priest Francisco Álvares (1465–1540), accompanied the Portuguese Ambassador on his visit to Dawit II in the 1520s. He describes the unique church structures as follows: “I weary of writing more about these buildings, because it seems to me that I shall not be believed if I write more… I swear by God, in Whose power I am, that all I have written is the truth[.]”

Although Ramuso included plans of several of these churches in his 1550 printing of Álvares’ book, who supplied the drawings remains a mystery. The next reported European visitor to Lalibela was Miguel de Castanhoso, who served as a soldier under Cristóvão da Gama and left Ethiopia in 1544. After de Castanhoso, more than 300 years passed until the next European, Gerhard Rohlfs, visited Lalibela some time between 1865 and 1870.

Accommodation on the Lalibela Tour from Addis Ababa

There are several places available for you on your 3 Day Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa. Here are a just but a few of them that we have for our Ethiopia safaris:

Degosach Mountain Eco Lodge

This is our prefered lodge for those on the 3 day Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa. Degosach Mountain Ecolodge is built in traditional style. It is situated on top of a hill with spectacular views over the surrounding.

The  Eco  Lodge offers excellent accommodation on a spectacular and peaceful rural setting, accompanied by authentic cuisine and traditional hospitality.

It is  Located  close to Ethiopia important historical site of Lalibela. You may take part in many possible excursion options and exciting Lalibela trekking routes over mountain ranges and deep valleys. or just relax on the terrace overlooking the wonderful landscape with a good book and a pot of fresh coffee, and let our friendly staff take care of you.

Sora Lodge

This is another one of our favorite for those on Lalibela tour from Addis Ababa. Sora Lodge offers a unique and spectacular view of the Asheten Mariam Mountain, the valleys and countryside villages around Lalibela.

All rooms in our three-storeyed main building have a large private veranda facing east, providing unforgettable views of the sunrise, while the sunset can be watched from the common verandas facing west.

Apart from the rooms in the main building, we have beautiful rooms in traditional round huts, likewise with large private balconies and amazing views.

Panoramic View Hotel

The Panoramic View Hotel stands high on Lalibela Mountain. It command breathtaking views of the surrounding Ethiopian highlands and countryside in all directions. This hotel boasts beautiful landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets, combined with convenient access to magical Lalibela.

For those on 3 day Lalibela tour, the famous churches of Lalibela are only a 10 minute walk. There are many restaurants, artisan shops, and bars located nearby. As the name of the hotel implies, the views dazzle guests from dawn to dusk. This offers a Panoramic View of both the city of Lalibela and the Ethiopian countryside as well.

3 Day Lalibela Tour from Addis Ababa Outline

This is a brief outline of the 3 Day Lalibela Tour from Addis Ababa itinerary:

Day 1: Pick up from hotel/ Bole Airport and transfer by flight to Lalibela. Check into hotel and embark on church tours.

Day 2: Full day in lalibela with a tour of Abune Yousef Conservation Park and more churhes.

Day 3: Breakfast and transfer back to Addis Ababa to end your 3 day Lalibela Tour from Addis Ababa.