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Man Eaters Camp

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Budget Camp
3 star
Tsavo West
Tsavo West, Kenya
1200 hrs
1 nights

Man Eaters Camp is a luxury tented camp in Tsavo. This Kenya safari camp is nestled on the banks of the Tsavo River. This is in the middle of Tsavo National Park.

Man Eaters Camp

Man Eaters Camp is an ideal stop over for travelers along the route. You have accessibility to both Tsavo East [10km] and Tsavo West [2km]. Man Eaters Camp consists of 30 luxury en-suit tents. The tents have a private balcony overlooking the Tsavo River.

Man Eaters Camp

Man Eaters camp is located a kilometer from Tsavo station. It is not far away from the Tsavo Bridge. This became famous in Kenya’s colonial history for the Man Eaters of Tsavo. This is the story of two man eating maneless lions. They terrorized the local and Indian railway constructors of the Kenya Uganda railway. They and killed up to 135 workers and inspired many movies. The movies include Bwana Devil and The Ghost and Darkness.


During the construction of the Railway Bridge over the Tsavo River in 1898 by the British for what was then known as the Ugandan Railway, approximately 140 workers were killed by two Mane less male lions. This was over a period of 3 months. After repeated unsuccessful endeavors, the first lion was finally killed on 9th December, 1898 during a night hunt.

The second three weeks later during a morning hunt, which almost cost Paterson his life. These lions were huge in size and the first of the two measured Nine feet six inches from tip of the nose to the tip of his tail and stood three feet eleven and a half inches high.

The chief engineer of the bridge was John Henry Paterson. He became a local hero for killing the famous Man Eaters of Tsavo. News of the event even reached the House of Lords and parliament, during the tenure of Prime Minister Lord Salisbury.

Paterson became a local hero to the same worker who threatened his life months earlier when the ordeal began and was presented a symbolic silver bowl together with prayers of thanks.

Accommodation at Man Eaters Camp

Man Eaters Camp

Man Eaters camp is an exclusive lodge comprising of 31 fully furnished En- suits tents facing tsavo river in tsavo east/west. The camp has 8 family tents which has 1 double bed and 1 single bed for child, all the beds are four poster beds with mosquito nets and even the single can accommodate 1 adult.

There is also 1 wheel chair friendly tent, easily accessible to and next to the bar, restaurant and lounge at the camp. All the tents are well ventilated, spacious, consisting of a large king size bed (6ft x 6ft) while the family tents have one double king size bed and extra single bed.

Each tent overlooks the Tsavo River giving you a chance to enjoy the uninterrupted views from your own private accommodation. All tents have locally made furniture that easily blends in well with the great surrounding landscapes.

You can also relax in the tent balcony which face the river, each one has a 2 sun beds, side table and 2 lounge chairs, as you watch the wildlife across the river come to drink water such as elephants, gazelle and our resident crocodiles which are always basking on the river banks on the far side.

All 31 tents have a ceiling fan, luxury king size double beds with a mosquito nets, 1 covered balcony, drinking water, premium beddings, toiletries are en-suite with a separate shower.

You can enjoy a bottle of wine, assorted drinks or a fruit basket in your room which could be requested at an extra cost.

The tents are spacious, cool and blend in magically with the environment. They come with spacious balconies. Each has its very own sun bed to let you enjoy all that the paradise has to offer.

Man Eaters Camp

You do not have to leave the comfort of your own tent. Privacy, luxury and romance are all under one roof. The tents are beautifully decorated with all locally produced furniture and linen. Man Eaters camp will offer you an incomparable luxury accommodation experience.

Facilities at Man Eaters Camp

Man Eaters Lounge

The lounge is rustically decorated with plush sofas. This lounge has a close proximity to the tents and the restaurant. It has a bird eye view of both the pool and river. This is a wonderful place to relax. On display are a few authentic items from the actual railways time. They have added to the mystery and aura of the Man Eaters Camp.

Take some time to look at the various items on display. Here you will immerse yourself in a bygone time. The staff is always happy to talk you through the use and history of each item.

The Tsavo River Restaurant

Man Eaters Camp

This restaurant has stunning views and romantic ambience. You will get delectable food at the Tsavo River Restaurant. It is more than a mere dining room. Every meal is an experience in itself. You will experience fine dining in the bush at its very best and can listen to the sound of the river gush past.

There is also the occasional hippo if you’re lucky. The trained staff will take care of your every dining need. The restaurant offers 5 course meals and intoxicating wines. This will leave you full to the brim. You will also be anticipating your next dining experience at the restaurant. A meal here is a deliciously romantic experience every time!

Simba Mbili Bar

There is no better place to fully take in the raw beauty of the scenery. It is the luxury of the camp. You can sip on a cocktail and be awe inspired by your surroundings.

Simba Mbili Bar is on the river bank, by the pool. The bar is the perfect place to cool off and wind down. This is after a hot and dusty game drive. You can also enjoy an aperitif before dinner. Simba Mbili has unparalleled view of the Tsavo River. Here you can see thirsty elephants coming down for a cool drink.

The Rock Pool

Man Eaters Camp

This is set in the very rocks on which Man Eaters Camp was built. The crystal blue waters are a refreshing oasis. You can sip a drink and watch the sights that Tsavo West has to offer. It is a great place to get a tan. You can have some magical holiday photos taken here. We are sure this will make everyone back home truly envious.

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1200 hrs

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Man Eaters Camp

Man Eaters Camp Tsavo West, Kenya

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