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Serengeti Simba

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3 star
Serengeti, Tanzania
1200 hrs
1 nights

Serengeti Simba Lodge is named after the lion, the king of the jungle. Serengeti Simba Lodge sits high on a hill with endless vistas of the great Serengeti plains. You are welcomed at this Serengeti safari lodge to explore experience and enjoy Africa. From Serengeti Simba Lodge you will enjoy the African wilderness and the amazing Serengeti.

Serengeti Simba Lodge

The ‘Serengeti Migration’ passes the lodge twice a year. This is around June-July and again in October. The migration involves millions of ungulates as they make the Great migration to Mara. Serengeti Simba Lodge has awe-inspiring panoramic views of the vast savannah. This Serengeti safari lodge in Tanzania is home to prolific birdlife and large game. They include lion, buffalo, cheetah, leopard, giraffe, elephant, bush buck, among others.

Serengeti Simba Lodge

Serengeti Simba Lodge gives you an opportunity to enjoy night game drives. There are performances by the Simba Dance Troupe. This will add to the experience of spectacular sunrise and sunset. At night you may listen to the trumpeting of elephant or the laughing hyenas. Keep a keen year on the roars of this Serengeti safari lodge’s name sake.

The reception, bar and dining is built around a ‘kopje’ or rocky outcropping. This provides an unusual and natural background for your enjoyment. However, the one thing everyone comments on is the amazing views of the Serengeti. This can be seen from every vantage point of Serengeti Simba Lodge’s grounds.

Serengeti Simba Lodge

Children over age six are most welcome at the lodge. They must be under parent’s supervision at all times. Children under the age of thirteen must share a room with an adult (17 or older). There are two large family rooms in the Stone House. This will cater for those traveling on Africa safari with children.

Serengeti Simba Lodge is committed to improving the lives of the surrounding community. These are the people and members of the Ikoma tribe. This Tanzania safari lodge in Serengeti provides employment opportunities to the people. There is a bed night fee is paid to the local village council. This is to help fund development projects. This lodge is not suitable for those on disabled safari in Africa to Tanzania. There are quite a few stairs in the common area and the paths are a bit rough. In some places the paths seem to be a little bit steep. Fit elder people do fine but for the very old or disabled the lodge are unable to accommodate.

Accommodation at Serengeti Simba Lodge

Serengeti Simba Lodge

Serengeti Simba Lodge offers two types of accommodation. These are tents and the rooms on the main building. Every en-suite tent and room has a magnificent view of the Serengeti; most enjoy a view of either sunrise or sunset. All rooms are beautifully and simply decorated with local fabrics and hard wood furniture; the beds all have mosquito nets. Full amenities are provided and rooms are solar powered with solar heatedwater; there is a power strip for battery charging that’s live when the lodge generator is on (approximately 6 hours per day). There’s also a 24-hourcharging station at reception.

  • Each room has a torch (flashlight) and umbrella for use during your stay with us.
  • There’s a secure safe for your valuables.
  •  A whistle is also provided in case you need to alert the security guards.
  • As the solar lighting may be dimmer than you’re used to, it is highly recommended you bring a headlamp or book-light for reading in bed at night.
  • Due to use of solar electrical system it’s not possible to use a hair dryer at Serengeti Simba Lodge. We kindly request that you don’t attempt to plug in a hair dryer as in all likelihood it will blow the system resulting in loss of power to the entire lodge.
  • We can only accommodate CPAP (sleep apnea machines) if they run on battery power, as we don’t have 24-hour electricity. You must be fully versed in how the machine works and able to assist the lodge staff in charging the battery. Please advise when booking if you use this device.


Serengeti Simba Lodge has fifteen uniquely designed “tents”. They are in fact a hybrid with all the romance of a tent. However there is the security of a more permanent structure. The canvas is built on solid stone foundations with thatch roofs. There is attached concrete baths and outdoor showers plus a private deck. It is from the deck that you can enjoy the endless views of the Serengeti. There are five twin and ten queen tents in this Tanzania safari lodge in Serengeti. An extra bed can be added in the tents to make a triple.

Stone house

Serengeti Simba Lodge has a six-room Stone House. This features two twin, two queen and two family rooms. Each of the rooms comes with two queen beds. The family rooms are large enough to add an additional twin bed for a child. They enjoy amazing views across the Serengeti savannah to the distant Grumeti River. This adds to the ambiance of the rooms. You can watch wildlife drift across the plains from the private comfort of your room.

Food at Serengeti Simba Lodge

This Serengeti safari lodge serve continental food at Serengeti Simba Lodge. At Serengeti Simba, they use only the finest local ingredients available with an emphasis on healthy food including lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. On special occasions we have an outdoor bar-b-que and if you need to go with a picnic breakfast that’s no problem.

Serengeti Simba Lodge

  • Here are some highlights about our food:
  • Fresh bread and rolls are baked daily
  • We can cater to vegetarians and gluten free diets
  • Fatty, fried and oily foods are avoided
  • Tanzanian coffee and tea plus a full selection of locally produced herbal teas and hot chocolate are always offered

Policies of Serengeti Simba

1200 hrs

Amenities of Serengeti Simba

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Serengeti Simba Lodge

Serengeti Simba Serengeti, Tanzania

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