• Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip
  • Madagascar Adventure Trip

Madagascar adventure trip starts and ends in Antananarivo, also known as ‘Tana’. This Madagascar tour focus is on finding the lemurs and reptiles of Madagascar.  You will go through great landscape and appreciate the cultures of the people here.

Madagascar adventure trip is a guided in-depth Exploration. This African safari tour in Madagascar takes you to Planet’s Most Unique Biodiversity Hotspot. Madagascar is a world apart. Its rain forests are home to diademed sifakas.

Madagascar Adventure Trip

There is also the indri and tenrecs and while palms. Pachypodia punctuate its desert landscapes. Madagascar adventure trip gives you the opportunity to see all this.

Places of Interest on Madagascar Adventure Trip

Andasibe – Mantadia National Park

A Madagascar adventure trip to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park goes to a protected rainforest area in eastern Madagascar. The park includes the Analamazaotra Reserve, home to the large indri lemur, which is known for its distinctively loud song.

This Madagascar adventure trip heads to Alaotra Mangoro in the eastern part of the country. Andasibe Mantadia National Park is only four hours away from the capital city of Madagascar. Part of Madagascar and it is a combination of two reserves that is the Mantadia forest and the Analamazoatra reserve.

The Park was formerly known as the Analamazoatra and it has just been changed of recent so do not be alarmed when some people still refer to it using the old name. The word Andasibe is in Malagasy and it can loosely be translated as the ‘Big camp’ due to its vast nature.

The park’s rich biodiversity includes native species like the big Parson’s chameleon, plus rare orchids and ferns. Your Madagascar adventure trip trail circuits weave through dense forest, past lakes and the Sacred Waterfall.

What to See in Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

The Parks is a good place for those on Madagascar adventure trip to go for birding. It has a recorded number of bird species that amount to over 100 and all these can be viewed throughout the Park.

Most of the bird species that are found in the park are endemic and these include the wagtail, Madagascar Falcon, long eared owl, the Madagascar green sunbird and many more others. A visit to the park gives birders a chance to see these rare birds and they also get to take some photos while birding.

The Andasibe Park is also filled with a lot of animals that can be viewed those on Madagascar adventure trip once they visit the park. You will be able to see the Indri-Indri, various reptiles like chameleons, snakes, lizard, geckos and many more. These can easily be seen during the rainy season and at night since this is the only time that they are extremely active.

The Andasibe is also famously known for its large number of frogs that are can be found in the various parts of the Park.

The Indri-Indri is one of the many species of Lemur that is found in the Andasibe national Park. All on Madagascar adventure trip to the Parkare guaranteed to see at least one or two in the trees.

The Indri-indri looks like a baby panda due to the black and white markings that they have on their bodies although they are a lot thinner than the Pandas.

The noise that they make cannot be forgotten that easily and the noise that sounds like a wail carriers over 30 kilometers through the Park.

Ranomafana National Park

Ranomafana National Park in all its eccentricities happens to be one of the most picturesque national parks that one can find in Madagascar. That is why Madagascar adventure trip did not forget to add Ranomafana National Park in your list.

Madagascar Adventure Trip

The park covers a mountainous area that spans to a 415 kilometres stretch. The altitude that the park is settled in ranges between 800 and 1,200 metres and the stretch is vast. This entire stretch is covered in dense rainforest.

There was a rare golden bamboo lemur which was discovered here back in 1986 by Dr. Patricia Wright. This incident led the area to gain its National Park status. The park has now evolved to be a sanctuary of flora and fauna providing a protected environment to these endangered wildlife and the rare vegetation of the rainforest. The park is also the most accessible stop of the island and appealing for this Madagascar adventure trip itinerary.

Things to See at Ranomafana National Park

There are many things to do in Madagascar when touring Ranomafana National Park. Walking through the forest itself on your Madagascar adventure trip is an experience. There are plenty of paths to choose from, with short ones if you are keen to fit other activities in. You can opt for a long one which will take 6 to 8 hours. All the trails are worth it to see the different types of forest.

Ordinarily one will only see secondary forest, but on the longer routes you’ll go into the primary forest which has thicker vines, larger trees and a quieter atmosphere due to the greater age of the trees.

Twelve species of lemur live in the trees, and more than 100 species of birds make their home here with 36 of these endemic to the country. The animals to be seen on your Madagascar adventure trip are the diademed sifaka, red-bellied brown lemur and red-fronted lemur.

Others are black-and-white ruffed lemur, mouse lemur, woolly lemur, leplemur, greater dwarf lemur, aye-aye and three different species of bamboo lemur.

The reptiles, butterflies and other insects are also outstanding. One of the best things about this park is that the different vegetation and scenery. This makes your Madagascar adventure trip extremely interesting to walk through, even if there were no wildlife in the park.

You can also swim in the crystal clear waters of the Namorona River.

Isalo National Park

Isalo National Park is nestled amidst the southwest terrains of sweeping canyons, dramatic bluffs and jutting rock formations. This Madagascar National Park offers some rewarding trekking opportunities amongst natural pools and through uniquely Jurassic landscapes.

Madagascar Adventure Trip

Isalo National Park is a National Park is in the Ihorombe Region of Madagascar. A Madagascar adventure trip to the park goes to the southwestern corner of the Province of Fianarantsoa. The closest town is Ranohira, and the closest cities are Toliara and Ihosy.

It is a sandstone landscape that has been dissected by wind and water erosion into rocky outcrops, plateaus, extensive plains and up to 200 m deep canyons. There are permanent rivers and streams as well as many seasonal watercourses. Elevation varies between 510 and 1268 m.

The Isalo National Park is a natural rock massif giving a reminiscent great America West vibe. Stroll through this Jurassic setting;, alternating between deserted landscapes and verdant canyons.

Expect your Madagascar adventure trip to roam in completely arid zones with various colors and shapes. When you enter in the forest, it is not unusual for a lemur or a harmless serpent to welcome you.

You can roam on the rocks along the small streams, watch the Nymphs waterfall (which has carved the rock over time), or you can take a dip in the blue pool (a refreshing break during excursion).

The black pool is also worth a visit on your Madagascar adventure trip, but you are recommended not to bathe in it because the water is frozen.

What to See in Isalo National Park

The Isalo Park is a habitat to endemic rupicultural vegetation in its massive ruiniform from the Jurassic era. There are 116 medicinal species, and timber for furniture and handicrafts.

The forest is carpeted by the “tapia,” food of the landibe, a silkworm. On your Madagascar adventure trip, you will also find a very specific fauna of the region but also many lemurs.

The park has 77 species of birds, where 70 percent are endemic – such as the Benson Rockbill, which is only found in Isalo. You will also find many other animals such as rock reptiles, giant eels and crocodiles here on the Madagascar adventure trip.

Numerous circuits are proposed in the Isalo Park, particulary those of the rat canyons and the monkey canyons.

Let yourself be tempted by a small hike or a more sportive trek through the granite rocks as you enjoy your Madagascar adventure trip. The tour of the Portuguese cave or the canyon of Namaza are both also available.

Some providers will offer mountain bikes to rent, to go down the slopes of Isalo and discover the incredible landscapes that the park has to offer you, in another way.

Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park

Madagascar Adventure Trip

Between Isalo National Park and Tulear lies the Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park.  Madagascar adventure trip here takes you to aunique in that it is the transition zone between the dry forests of the south and west and the humid forests of eastern Madagascar.

It is one of the youngest parks in Madagascar, founded in 1997. The park is divided into three forested sections consisting of deciduous forest, savannah and marshland.

Unfortunately, centuries of deforestation from slash-and-burn agriculture have devastated the area to a somewhat plant-devoid plateau inhabited by cattle herders.

Because of the growing population of these tribes (Bara and Mahafaly), they need an increasing amount of space for their cattle. In Zombitse on your Madagascar adventure trip, you have a chance to see the Verraux Sifaka, brown lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs, as well as special bird species.

What to See in Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park

The number of animal species living here is also remarkable. 15 small mammals, 2 carnivorous and 8 lemur species, such as the Verraux´s sifaka, red-fronted brown lemur, ring-tailed lemur, pale fork-marked lemur and the Hubbard´s sportive lemur can be observed here.

Birds are also a park highlight. There are 85 species, most of them endemic like the rare Appert´s greenbul, which only lives in this forest. 33 reptile and 8 amphibian species have been reported in Zombitse, such as the Standing´s day gecko, which is also local endemic to the Park.

Four different short and pretty easy circuits (from one to five hours walk) are offered by the park authorities in order to allow visitors to discover the richness and diversity of this last natural refuge. Fees are 3,000 up to 6 people per circuit.

Anjajavy Reserve

Anjajavy Private Reserve can only be reached by air, and as a result offers a wonderfully remote experience on Madagascar’s north-west coast.

Madagascar Adventure Trip

The Anjajavy’s Protected Area is located on a peninsula of the town of Antonibe, in the district of Analalava and in the north-west region of Madagascar. It is part of the Sofia region of the independent province of Mahajanga and its position is between 47°13’ at 44°22’ of longitude east and 14°58 at 15°07’ of latitude south.

Anjajavy’s Protected Area is an element of the Madagascar dry deciduous forests situated on the Indian Ocean of northwest Madagascar. The Anjajavy Forest surrounds the village of Anjajavy and provides a habitat for many rare and endangered species.

It covers roughly fifty square kilometres, and occupies a continuous portion of the peninsula upon which Anjajavy village lies. The peninsula is bounded by Majajamba Bay to the south and Narinda Bay to the north.

Anjajavy Forest has much in common with other dry deciduous forests rising out of the tsingy limestone formations of western Madagascar.

What to See in Anjajavy Reserve

Offering the ultimate combination of beach and bush, the reserve is an oasis for both wildlife and visitors. Its deciduous forest yields chameleons, frogs, common brown lemur, as well as nocturnal species such as sportive, and mouse lemur. The latter is the smallest lemur growing to just 24 centimetres long.

However, the beautiful Coquerel’s sifakas are the local stars and are often seen next to the hotel and even in the trees above the villas.