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Marojejy Trekking Tour

Marojejy Trekking tour is a 6 day Madagascar tour. This African safari tour in Madagascar takes you to trek in Marojejy National Park. This is also the home to the endangered silky Sifaka.

About the 6 Day Marojejy Trekking Tour

Enjoy a 6 day Madagascar adventure safari to the Marojejy National Park. The 6 day Marojejy Trekking tour takes you to the Northern {art of Madagascar.

Madagascar is known for its cultivation of the famous vanilla bean pods. It has had great economic boom due to the industry. The country still holds claim to the best quality of vanilla. This continues to be a source of revenue for many in the country. The northern part, sambava and Marojejy area are the points of growth of Vanilla.

Marojejy Trekking Tour

Marojejy Trekking tour takes you to Marojejy National Park. The Marojejy National Park is on the northeast side of Madagascar. This is between the towns of Andapa and Sambava. The Park is a nature lovers haven and includes a vast array of landscapes, climates, fauna, and flora. There are changing landscapes  in these park located on a mountain. They are a wonder that cannot be experienced in too many places on Earth.

These 6 day Marojejy Trekking tour allows you to trek the only home to the Silky Sifaka. You will get to the peak and enjoy one of the greatest view you’ll ever have. The North East of Madagascar is splendorous. It is the most luxuriant


region in Madagascar. Thanks to the abundant rain that receives the region almost throughout the year. The North East is home of a unique wildlife and attractive landscape.

Highlights of the 6 Day Marojejy Trekking Tour

The highlights of the 6 day Marojejy Trekking tour includes:

  • Trekking the Marojejy
  • Tracking the silky Sifaka
  • Great topography and beautiful landscape
  • Discover Marojejy National Park: Naturalist trekking in the rainforest to discover an unique wildlife
  • Mountains and rainforest landscapes
  • Ascension of the pic Marojejy (2132m of altitude)

Detailed Marojejy Trekking Tour Itinerary in Madagascar


Meet and greet upon arrival at the Ivato International Airport. This is by our Madagascar safari rep. Enjoy a transfer to you Antananarivo for check in. It is from here that you will have a briefing on your Marojejy trekking tour.

Enjoy Antananarivo city tour as an introduction to your Madagascar tour in time allows. Overnight is at your mid range hotel in Antananarivo. This will be on bed and breakfast basis.


Your Marojejy trekking tour starts early with breakfast at your hotel. You will transfer to the airport for your sort flight to Sambava. Meet upon arrival at the airport in Sambava. You’ll enjoy a transfer to Manantenina village, the gate way to Marojejy National Park. This is 2 hours of drive from Sambava to the Manantenina village. It is where we start your Marojejy trekking tour.

Upon registration and entry to the Marojejy National Park embark on 4 hours walk. You will be going steep up to 150m from Manantenina village and trek to Camp 1 Mantella. At this point of your Marojejy trekking tour, you discover the lower wet primary forests.

Marojejy Trekking Tour

You will have the opportunity to observe several species of reptiles and amphibians. Here there are and birds including blue Coua and Helmet Vanga.

Upon arrival at Camp Mantella, you will have a break to relax. This is before you begin to discover surroundings of Camp Mantella. Your Marojejy trekking tour will visiting the Humbert waterfalls.

Latervin the evening your Marojejy trekking tour can do a night walk. You will be searching for lemurs and geckos active in the night. That is before your Marojejy trekking tour gets back to the camp Diner and Nigh in Camp Mantela.

About Marojejy National Park

Marojejy National Park is wild, untamed and one of the most makes magical places. This is a biodiversity hotspot in Madagascar. Its name “Marojeji” stems from two words namely “maro” and “jejy”. This translates to “much spirit”. This is not how Marojejy got this name. The calming feel within the Marojejy National Park is definitely evident.

Rugged and mountainous, Marojejy is one of Madagascar’s most beautiful national parks. It is a great highlight for any Madagascar holiday. It is in a remote north-eastern enclave inland. This is from the island’s spice capital of Sambava and north of Andapa. It is unique in its terrain, wildlife, flora and fauna that are almost untouched. It is a National Park of raw beauty. You will hardly find a ‘touristy’ here at this Madagascar National Park for.

Marojejy National Park comprises 60,050 hectares (148,387 acres) of land. This park protects the entire Marojejy Massif. The forests, range from low altitude rain forest through to high altitude montane scrub. It harbors an impressive list of plants and animals (most of which are endemic to the area).

Marojejy Trekking Tour

Marojejy has at least 275 fern species, 35 palm species, 118 bird species. There are 149 species of amphibians and reptiles. They all survive in one of the wettest regions of Madagascar. The park is also home to eleven species of lemurs. This include the fluffy white Silky Sifaka, which are among the most endangered.

There is nothing better than spending some time among the lush vegetation. You will enjoy spotting playful and endangered lemurs in the trees. As an option, try finding a secret hiding spot of some beautiful reptiles.


You will begin your day on Marojejy Trekking tour early. This is with breakfast at Camp Mantella. You will proceed with the ascension through a more dense and lush rain forest.

You will stop at the Marojejia camp. The environment is idyllic, with gigantic trees, tree ferns, lianas and countless different plants. There are fast-flowing rivers that originate spectacular waterfalls in the virgin forest. This makes visitors feel in total immersion with mother nature.

Proceed with your Marojejy trekking tour admiring the primary forest. Here it is usually possible to see one of the most beautiful and rarest primates in the world, “Simpona”. Its also known as the white lemur, which lives only in the untouched Marojejy park.

Lunch at the Marojejia camp and a bit of relaxation. In the afternoon, proceed with the Marojejy trekking tour ascending to the Simpona Camp. It is here that you will overnight in simple local style cottages. There are external facilities with dinner and overnight at the camp.

Today we observe the rare Silky sifaka endemic to this rainforest. You will have covered near 6 hours of walk rising to an altitude of up to 1,250 m.


This is the long-awaited day of your Marojejy trekking tour. You will begin the day with breakfast. Embark on the Marojejy trekking tour with 3 hours through the rain forest. You will climb up until the peak of Marojejy.

At this point, trekkers get to enjoy panoramic view of the region. There is the forest of emerald color. On clear days the view extends to the Indian Ocean. In the surrounding area you can admire also rare orchids.

After some intense beautiful moment its time for your Marojejy trekking tor to descend. Trek back to Simpona Camp arriving in time for lunch and relaxation.

Marojejy Trekking Tour

In the afternoon, descend heading to the Marojejia Camp. You will arrive in time to relax for the evening. Dinner and overnight at the Marojejia camp.

There are possible night walks here if you have had enough rest after the hike to the summit.


Start the day on Marojejy trekking tour with an early breakfast at the camp. You will then embarkl on the descent through the forests that changes in appearance. This is according to the altitude and lemurs and other animals will still be seen among the trees.

You will stop for a picnic lunch at the edge of the forest. For sure it is a true Eden garden where you can admire the green plains. They offer the look bucolic landscapes of great serenity with fruit trees. There is coconut, raffia, the bread tree, the traveler’s palm, crops like spices. The spices include vanilla, coffee and cloves.

you will end the trek with a pick up at Mandena Village. Your Marojejy trekking tour embarks on a transfer back to Sambava. Upon arrival in Sambava, you will check into your accommodation in Sambava.

The total hours covered walking today is 5 hours. Dinner and overnight will be at hotel Orchide / Melrose / Laspalmas Hotel.


Enjoy the last morning of your Marojejy trekking tour at leisure. This is before pick up and transfer to the airport. You will be in time for your departure fight back to Tana. Arrive at the airport in time for your International flight back home

———– End of Marojejy Trekking Tour ———

7 Day Marojejy Trekking Tour Costs:

What is included in the cost of Marojejy Trekking Tour?

  • Car and fuel with a driver
  • Guide during the whole tour
  • Accommodation as per the itinerary on bed and breakfast basis
  • Park entrance fees and local guide fees
  • Domestic flight
  • Trekking Licence

7 Day Marojejy Trekking Tour Price excludes:

  • Your food and drinks during the whole tour
  • All your international flights

What to Carry on the 7 Day Marojejy Trekking Tour Safari

  • Light and a few heavy clothing for evenings
  • Rain jacket or Poncho
  • Good trekking shoes
  • Closed, comfortable shoes
  • Sun protection like sun cream, hat
  • Insect repellent

Marojejy Trekking Tour Destination

Marojejy National Park

The Marojejy trekking tour goes to Marojejy, one of the most strikingly beautiful and wild areas of Madagascar. It is unique in the world, a place of dense, jungly rainforests, sheer, high cliffs, and plants and animals found nowhere else on earth.

This Marojejy trekking tour takes you to Marojejy which is located in the rainforests of northeastern Madagascar. It is between the present-day towns of Andapa and Sambava.

The Marojejy Massif was first described by Professor Henri Humbert of the Paris Natural History Museum in 1948. Humbert was an eminent botanist who arrived in Madagascar after exploring many of the mountain ranges in Africa.

Marojejy Trekking Tour

Following his expedition to Marojejy, Humbert published a book entitled A Marvel of Nature, in which he described Marojejy as the most impressive range in all of Madagascar due to its grandeur, its rich flora, and especially its pristine natural state. His enthusiasm led him to ensure that Marojejy was protected as one of Madagascar’s strict nature reserves.

Marojejy remained listed as a strict reserve from 1952 to 1998, when its status was changed to that of a national park. This change removed the restrictions which limited entry to research scientists only. As a national park, Marojejy is now open to all visitors.

In June of 2007, Marojejy was officially designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its unparalleled biodiversity and stunning landscapes.

Marojejy shares this World Heritage Site status with five other national parks that protect Madagascar’s eastern “Rainforests of the Atsinanana.”

Marojejy National Park comprises 55,500 hectares (137,144 acres) of land, and protects the entire Marojejy Massif. The forests, ranging from low altitude rain forest through to high altitude montane scrub.

A Marojejy trekking tour allows rou to search for an impressive list of plants and animals. The park has at least 275 species of ferns, 35 species of palms, 149 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 118 species of birds.

Marojejy national park is also home to eleven species of lemurs, including the critically endangered Silky Sifaka (Propithecus candidus).

Marojejy National Park is rugged and untamed. Marojejy trekking tour takes you to one of the few places in the world where you can hike. This takes your from the dense, vine-shrouded jungle to the high mountain tundra in a relatively short distance.

You can’t help but note the extreme diversity of life forms and the changes in plant communities you encounter as you climb the mountain. Marojejy will appeal to all who value nature, the mountains, and wild places.

The climate of Marojejy is dictated by two different factors: the south-east trade winds and the North-West monsoon. Therefore, Marojejy gets a lot of rain making it one of the greenest and lushest areas in Madagascar.

During the cooler season, from June to September, the trade winds contribute enormously to the abundance of rains on Marojejy. When the winds die down, the rains decrease (from April to May and from September to December).

In addition, during the hot seasons, the monsoon coming from the Malagasy Western also brings stormy rains. Because of the relative consistency of rains, the temperatures do not vary much, and generally range between 26 and 19°C.

Getting to Marojejy National Park

Marojejy trekking tour starts with a flight to Sambava. 5km from Sambava along the tarred RN3B, the Marojejy National Park office can be found 200m before Manantenina. From thereon a 2.7km secondary road leads to the village of Mandena. From Mandena it is a 2.9km walk along a trail to the park entrance.

Marojejy Trekking Tour

The approximate travel time by car on Marojejy trekking tour from Antananarivo to the park is about three days. The first stretch goes along the RN4, thereafter along the RN6 (poorer condition) until Ambilobe, where the road splits direction Vohemar.

This road is not passable during the rainy season from December to April! On Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday a taxi-brousse leaves from Antananarivo (station Andranobevava and Anosibe Angarangarana) direction Andapa.

What to Do is Marojejy National Park

Are you are looking for things to do in Madagascar when in Marojejy? The list of plants and animals (most of which are endemic to the area) is truly impressive.
At least 275 species of ferns and more than 50 species of palms have been catalogued in the different types of forest depending on the altitude.

Low altitude rainforest dominated by palm tress up to 800 m, montane forest from 800 to 1500 m where 300 epiphytes species grow together with bamboo, mosses and lichens, sclerophyllous forest up to 1800 m where the lichens and mosses are most common, and moorland mountain vegetation from 1800 upwards.

Concerning the fauna, 150 species of amphibians and reptiles live in Marojejy. They include 60 frogs such as the green climbing mantilla, leaf-tailed geckos, brookesia chameleons and lot of leeches.

There are 45 mammal species, among the 11 lemurs. The most representative is the critically endangered silky sifaka. The latter only occurs here and in Anjanaharibe-Sud Reserve.

Marojejy Trekking Tour

Another lemurs found here are Indri, red-bellied lemur, Eastern woolly lemur, aye-aye, bamboo lemur or Weasel sportive lemur.

Birds are also very well represented: 118 species have been observed so far, such as helmet vanga, Madagascar serpent-eagle, velvet asity, cryptic warbler, short-legged ground roller or Scaly ground-roller.

Accommodation on Marojejy Trekking Tour

This park offers numerous camps to stay at when on Marojejy trekking tour. After pacing the meanders of the rainforest, you will only want one thing and that is to rest. T

he more adventurous will be able to cross the park more sportively during special activities such as treks or specialized hikes.

Many providers will offer you customized trekking hours or hiking hours, where you will be able to admire the rich and colorful nature that the park offers.

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