• Simien Mountain Trekking
  • Simien Mountain Trekking
  • Simien Mountain Trekking
  • Simien Mountain Trekking
  • Simien Mountain Trekking
  • Simien Mountain Trekking
  • Simien Mountain Trekking

Simien mountain trekking is a 4 day Ethiopian trekking tour safari. This African safari tour in Ethiopia starts and ends in Gondar. The Simien mountain trekking is a scenic tour that takes you to see the lammergeyers.

This 4 day Simien mountain trekking is for hikers with a reasonable level of fitness.  and that want to get a good sense of what the Simien Mountains National Park is all about.

Simien Mountain Trekking

The starting and finishing point for the tour will be Gondar. Simien mountain trek includes two half days of trekking and two full days. The elevation of the Simien Mountain trek will rise and fall between 2000 – 4000 meters above sea level.

The highlight of the Simien mountain trekking will be at Imet Gogo.  Here you’ll see some of the most spectacular views over the Ethiopian Lowlands. The least number for this Ethiopian safari to starts is two pax.

Expect to see a variety of wildlife including Gelada monkey and Walia Ibex. If you are a birder there is a variety of bird life as well as amazing natural scenery.

About Simien Mountain Trekking

Simien Mountains trekking is a world-class experience. On the Simien mountain trek expect some stunning views of awe-inspiring jagged peaks and sharp precipices. There will be chances to spot some endemic wildlife.

Simien Mountain Trekking

Among the wildlife to be seen on the Simien mountain trekking include the rare Ethiopian wolf and the elusive Walia Ibex.

Simien mountain trek is challenging enough for most hillwalkers. The Simien Mountain trekking can be enjoyed by people with different levels of experience and fitness.

Steep ascents  on your Simien Mountain trekking lead to lush plateaus populated with giant lobelias. These are freaky fleshy-leaved plants growing to 3m in height, evoking images of dinosaurs and ancient days.

Escarpment vistas are filled with sheer cliffs, plunging waterfalls, and rocky turrets spiking out from the forested valleys below. Ribbons of mist drift over the ground.

Vultures and ravens cruise the skies. It is a strangely beautiful yet primal world that will be availed to you on your Simien Mountain trekking tour.

Dropping off the escarpment on your Simien mountain trekking tour, the landscape undergoes a dramatic transformation. This is as it descends some 2000m into the lowlands whose valleys are still over 2000m in altitude.

Simien Mountain Trekking

There are vibrantly coloured red hot poker plants cover the mountain slopes, and desert-style cactus trees and groves of aloe vera line the trail.

You will also enjoy cultivated fields of yellow canola flowers and feathery green tef are peppered with tropical-style giant ficus and palm trees.

Simien Mountains has jagged mountain peaks, deep valleys and fear-inspiring precipitous cliffs. Some of these are as deep as 1,000 meters. The bizarre geology of the Simien Mountains could not be more worthy of the lavish description above.

The Simien Mountains was inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1979. The massif is a high plateau which includes dozens of peaks above the 4,000-meter mark.

They are amongst them Ethiopia’s highest mountain and the fifth-highest in Africa, the 4,533-meter Ras Dashen.

Simien mountain trekking to the summit is challenging but not technical. Summit attempts generally launch from the local village of Ambiko (3170m) on the Meshehe River. And in true summit day fashion, hiking starts well before dawn.

The first few hours are cold and dark and wrapped in silence. Headlamps highlight a trail leading steadily upwards for 10km through farmland, giant lobelia forests and alpine meadows.

Finally, after six hours of continuous climbing, a short scramble up a rocky wall leads to the summit. The view is outstanding – a rich panorama of peaks and gullies, farmlands and forests stretching into the distant haze of Eritrea.

Standing on top of Ethiopia’s highest peak is…well, like standing on the roof of Africa.

Simien Mountain Trekking Destination

Simien Mountain National Park

The Simien Mountains trekking tour takes you to the Simien National Park. This Ethiopian National park is in Northern Ethiopia. This is an exotic setting with unique wildlife and breath-taking views on a landscape shaped by nature and traditional agriculture.

Simien Mountain Trekking

The natural beauties of this region have always filled visitors from Ethiopia and abroad with awe. Gentle highland ridges at altitudes above 3600 meters above sea level (m asl).

The highlands are covered with grasses, isolated bushes (Erica Arboria), and the bizarre Giant Lobelia (Lobelia rhynchopetalum). They are found on the high plateau that ends abruptly at 1000- to 2000-m deep escarpments.

The margins of this high plateau encompass precipitous cliffs and deep, canyon-style gorges. In some places, the escarpment forms small elevations that offer splendid natal lookout points.

The spectacular views from the observation points at Gidir Got and lmet Gogo in the heart of the Park offers unparalleled panoramas along the high plateau and down to the lowland areas.

Given the right meteorological conditions, views reaching up to 100 kilometers over the valleys and the terraces of the Tekeze lowland basin are no exception.

The entire highlands of the Simien mountains consist of dark Trapp basalt and bright, soft turf. They alternate and constitute a massive complex that’s more than 3000 m thick.

This complex was formed by volcanic eruptions in the Tertiary Oligocene-Miocene Age some 20-30 million years ago; ever since it has been going through processes of uplifting and erosion.

Where is Simien Mountains National Park?

The Simien Mountains (also spelled Semien mountains) are located in the Ethiopian Highlands. The highest point in the country is the mountain Ras Dashen at 4,550 m, found within the Simien National Park.

Simien Mountains National Park is located close to the town of Debark, where the park headquarters and main entry point can be found.

Simien Mountain Trekking

Debark is on the main road between the historic cities of Gondar and Axum, within a few hours’ drive of each. There are also buses that run between these two cities that stop at Debark.

What to See in Simien Mountain National Park

Simien Mountain National Park is like nowhere else on earth. The volcanic rock of the Ethiopian plateau has been eroded by the forces of nature over millions of years to create a maze of rocky peaks and ravines.

This unique environment is home to equally unique flora and fauna. These inhabitants and the scenery are the biggest draws for visitors. The best way to see the park is to go on an organized your Simien mountain trekking from Debark.

Simien Mountain National Park is home to a number of rare plants and animals, some of which are endemic to the region. They include:

  • Walia ibex – This is an endangered species, related to the goat. They can only be found in the mountains of northern Ethiopia. They are known for their large horns.
  • Gelada monkey — It is also known as the “bleeding heart monkey” for the bright pink patch of skin on its chest. These baboon-like monkeys are only found in the Ethiopian Highlands, where they can be found in large groups.Ethiopian wolf/Simien fox — They are endemic to Ethiopia, this creature is technically neither a wolf nor a fox (although it resembles both). It is closely related to dogs and wolves. Its red fur is beautiful; however, there are very few left in the wild. tThose on simien mountain trekking may get lucky and spot one while exploring the plateaus of the Simien Mountains.
  • Giant lobelia (Lobelia rhynchopetalum) — This is a plant that only grows in Ethiopia. With their large leaves spiking out like a bizarre palm tree, they seem like a relic from prehistoric times.